Sprint Referral Rewards $50 Cash Bonus and $25 New Sprint Customer Promotion

The Sprint Referral Rewards Program is offering new Sprint customers a $25 bonus for activating a new line of service through a current Sprint customer referral.

Plus, current Sprint customers will earn a $50 bonus for each new Sprint customer they refer.

Current Sprint customers can earn a total of up to $600 in referral cash if they refer 12 new lines before October 31, 2009, and each new customer who is referred will earn a $25 activation bonus.

How to Earn Sprint Referral Bonuses

1. Encourage your friends to activate a Sprint or Nextel phone or a Mobile Broadband Connection Card, either online or at a Sprint store.

2. Tell your friend to call #REF (#733) from their new phone if they activate a phone, or visit sprint.com/referafriend if they activate a connection card, within 15 days of activation to complete the referral process.

3. Your friend must provide your current Sprint phone number or Mobile Broadband Connection Card number to receive credit for the referral.

How to Earn New Customer Sprint Bonuses

If you would like to receive a referral to earn a $25 bonus for your new Sprint or Nextel phone activation, please feel free to email MaximizingMoney@gmail.com to request an official referral email.

Simply follow the instructions in the Sprint referral email to receive your $25 bonus, and then you can refer new customers to Sprint to receive a $50 referral bonus.

Sprint Referral Details

The $50 Sprint referral bonus offer is valid from June 12, 2009, to October 31, 2009.

Accounts are limited to 12 referrals or 12 new lines activated per year, but the $50 bonus is only valid through October 31, 2009 (the standard referral bonus is $25).

Subscribers must have active service for 24 hours before making a referral.

The referred customer must contact Sprint and complete the referral process within 15 days of activation.

Referred and referring customers must maintain an active account for 30 consecutive days to receive a cash reward.

The cash bonus rewards will be received within 6 to 8 weeks.

This offer excludes customers who are subscribed only to Nextel Direct Connect plans.

Take advantage of this Sprint and Nextel phone referral bonus to earn a $25 bonus when you sign up for Sprint and a $50 cash bonus for referring new customers to Sprint.

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Sign up for Sprint or Nextel today to earn cash rewards from the Sprint Referral Rewards Program.


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    Can I still get my daughter the discount she and boyfriend are with sprint on their own plan. Ashley Busalacchi 07/06/95

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