Ting Mobile Service Refer A Friend Program $25 Credits

The Ting mobile service offers new customers a free $25 credit toward a device or as a Ting credit, plus current customers can get $50 in credit for your first referral and $25 for subsequent referrals via the Ting Refer A Friend program.

Just visit this Ting $25 Referral Link to get a $25 credit toward your Ting monthly services or a $25 discount off a new phone.

Ting provides affordable mobile services with a $21 average monthly bill per device for Ting customers with no contracts, locked-in plans, overages, or penalties to help save you money.

You can choose from a selection of new or used devices, or bring an inactive Sprint device and activate it with Ting.

If you are stuck in a current mobile contract, they’ll even give you 25% of your EFT back for up to $75.

Ting New Customers $25 Referral Credit

If you are new to Ting, just sign up through this Ting $25 Referral Link to get $25 off a new device or a $25 Ting credit toward your monthly service payments if you buy used or bring a Sprint device to Ting.

If anybody is a current Ting customer who would like to share your referral link, please post your referral link in the comments below this article for other readers to use.

Ting Refer A Friend Program

Ting mobile customers can participate in the Ting Refer A Friend program to earn bonus credits toward Ting mobile services.

You’ll get a $50 credit for your first successful referral to Ting, and you’ll get a $25 credit for each subsequent referral that you provide.

You can refer your friends via email, social networks, or by sharing your own unique referral link.

All your referrals have to do is activate a device on a new Ting plan, and then your referral is considered complete and the credit will show up in your account.

To access the Ting referral program, just sign up for a Ting plan (or create a free Ting account), and visit the Refer A Friend page within your Ting online account interface.

Even if you are not a Ting user, you should be able to create a free Ting account to access their referral program, although the bonus credits will have no benefit for you if you are not an actual Ting user.

Review more details about the Ting Referral Program on their blog.

Please feel free to exchange Ting referrals with other readers in the below comments.

Ting Plan Rates and Pricing

The great thing about Ting mobile services is that they only charge you for the minutes, messages, and megabytes that you actually use.

You’ll pay only $6 per month for each device that you have on your account, and then you’ll only pay for what you use on top of that.

If you don’t use your phone in a given month, there will be no usage charges.

Minutes: No usage = $0; 1-100 = $3; 101-500 = $9; 501-1,000 = $18; 1,001-2,100 = $35.

Messages: No usage = $0; 1-100 = $3; 101-1,000 = $5; 1,001-2,000 = $8; 2,001-4,800 = $11.

Megabytes: No usage = $0; 1-100 = $3; 101-500 = $12; 501-1,000 = $19; 1,001-2,000 = $29.

An average user will pay about $32 plus surcharges per month, but if you only use certain services or you use select services more than others, then you can really save money with Ting plans.

You’ll also get many free services like voicemail, picture and video messaging, 3-way calling, caller ID, tethering, hotspot, and more.

Try out Ting to save on your monthly mobile bill and get free credits for referring your friends.


  1. sharpe says

    $25 Ting Mobile Wireless credit at checkout if you buy used or bring a Sprint device to Ting using this discount coupon link: https://zhnkd31tt82.ting.com/

    Pay only for the minutes, texts, and data that you use each month. No contract. Use the best smart phones on the market including the iPhone 5, Galaxy S5, and Nexus 5.

  2. VCUThomas says

    My phone bills went from $90 with Verizon to less than $25 per month with Ting. Check out the savings calculator on the Ting website to see how much you can save! If you use my referral link you can get $25 off your bill or $25 off a new phone!


  3. frugalista says

    Would truly appreciate it if any of y’all use my link. TIA!


    We have been saving about $75/month for two phone lines. I have also been happy with the customer service at ting. Coverage is the same as sprint so you might want to check on how that would work out.

  4. Robbie says

    Hi All,
    my wife and I have recently signed up for Ting using someone’s referral link.
    Feel free to use our link if you’re considering giving Ting a try:

    Ting’s Refer a friend program currently gives you a $100 credit which can be applied toward a new device or a credit for your account. It’s a referral based credit and if you use my link, you’ll get $100 and we’ll also get $50, so we’re helping each other out! =)

  5. Christian says

    Use this link by June 8th to earn $100 of Ting credit when you buy a new phone or activate an old one.

    LINK: zt40db35k09.ting.com

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