Bank of America Free McAfee Internet Security for 12 Months for Bank of America Customers

Bank of America online banking customers can get free McAfee Internet Security for 12 months through this Bank of America promotional offer.

You can either log in to your current Bank of America online account or enroll in online banking to participate in this offer and receive 12 months of free McAfee Internet Security.

You must log in or enroll through this special Bank of America McAfee Promo Link to get your free McAfee Internet Security software download.

How To Get Free McAfee from Bank of America

1. Sign in (or enroll in online banking) through the promotional link using your Online Banking ID. You will be redirected to the McAfee site.

2. Create a McAfee user account and create a password.

3. Enter your registration information (name, address, city, state, and phone number).

4. Provide your billing information for future automatic renewals. Please note that your credit or debit card will not be charged at this time and you are under no obligation to renew your subscription. You may cancel the automatic renewal at any time.

5. When your free 12-month subscription expires, you will receive a 50% discount on your renewal subscription, which is currently $34.98 ($69.99 MSRP).

6. You will be notified ahead of time before your subscription is automatically renewed. To cancel this automatic renewal, contact McAfee Customer Support at 1-866-622-3911 prior to the expiration of the 12-month free subscription.

Bank of America McAfee Subscription Promo Details

This exclusive offer is available only to Bank of America Online Banking customers in the U.S. and Canada.

Online Banking customers receive McAfee Internet Security for PC as an online download free for 12 months, a $69.99 value, after signing up for the software through Bank of America.

In addition, your subscription includes an automatic renewal at the end of the 12-month free period for another 12 months at 50% off (a $34.98 value).

Prior to the expiration of the free offer, you can cancel the automatic renewal by contacting McAfee Customer Support.

Customers with a current McAfee subscription are not eligible for this offer.

Bank of America reserves the right to modify or terminate this offer or modify the eligibility requirements at its discretion.

There is no minimum balance required to obtain the offer.

Take advantage of this Bank of America free McAfee Internet Security subscription promotion to protect your computer for free today.

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Get McAfee Internet Security free for 12 months through your Bank of America online account.


  1. Hira Nand Jha says

    I got the subscription as it is free for 1st 12 Month. Initially McAfee charged $34.98 to my credit card, then I made call to McAfee why they charged this amount?
    McAfee told me they can not resolve this issue so contact to Bank Of America to resolve the issue. I called BOA and they suggested to dispute the transaction, I did that and I got the money back but simultaneously they also canceled by free subscription. I made several call to Bank of America and McAfee to resolve the issue, they did not resolve the issue. Every time I call them they put me on hold for an hour finally I stopped contacting them because of this mental pain.

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