Bank of America Referral Program $25 Personal and $50 Business Checking Bonuses

The Bank of America referral program is currently offering $25 personal checking bonuses and $50 business checking bonuses for both the referrer and the referee.

Update: As of May 12, 2012, Bank of America customer service has indicated that you may only participate in the referral program by visiting Bank of America banking centers, so you must visit your local branch to complete the referral form for this offer.

If you are a current Bank of America customer, you’ll receive a $25 bonus for personal checking referrals and a $50 bonus for business checking referrals.

Plus, new Bank of America customers who sign up through a current customer’s referral will receive a $25 personal checking bonus (and up to $25 savings bonus) or a $50 business checking reward when you open your new account.

If you would like to receive a Bank of America referral for opening a new checking account, please feel free to Email, and we will be more than happy to send you a referral form.

For personal checking referrals, you can receive a PDF referral form that you must present when opening your account in person at your local Bank of America branch.

For business checking referrals, you can receive either a PDF referral form or an online referral email.

Visit the Bank of America Checking Account Referral Program for more details or to refer new customers to Bank of America.

Bank of America Referral Program Details

This offer cannot be combined with any other new customer offers.

Existing Customer (Referrer)

Bank of America will pay the incentive to an existing Customer (referrer) by check after they verify that the new customer you referred opened a qualifying new checking account and also met the other terms of this offer.

Bank of America generally issues all checks within 90 days of a qualifying account opening.

New Customer (Referee)

To qualify for the incentive, you must present the referral form at the time of the account opening and satisfy the terms of the applicable referral program.

For Personal Checking accounts, you must open a new checking account with a minimum opening deposit of $125 and make a minimum of 1 debit card purchase during the first 30 days from account opening.

Plus, if you open a new savings account at the same time as your personal checking account, you can earn an additional $10. Open the savings account with at least $1,000, and Bank of America will give you an extra $25, for a total of $50 with your new personal banking accounts.

Savings accounts that are eligible include Regular Savings (or Market Rate Savings in WA and ID), which require a minimum opening deposit of $25 ($1 in WA and ID).

Extra incentives for opening additional accounts at the same time that the new checking account is opened are for the New Customer only, and not the referrer.

For Business checking accounts, you must open a new checking account with a minimum opening deposit of $250 and make a minimum of 1 debit card purchase in the first 30 days from account opening.

Business Interest checking is available to sole proprietors, nonprofits, and government agencies.

You must be a new customer.

You are not eligible if you are or were an owner or signer on a Bank of America Consumer, Student, or Small Business checking account that is open now or that was closed within the last 6 months.

You are not eligible if you are a Bank of America Associate.

Bank of America generally pays the new customer’s incentive amount by crediting your new Bank of America checking account within 90 days of account opening. Otherwise, they may pay the incentive by check.

Take advantage of the Bank of America checking referral program to earn up to $50 in cash bonuses with new personal or business bank accounts and banking referrals.

Review our Bank of America Cash Bonus Promotions for more banking bonuses from Bank of America.

Participate in the Bank of America referral program today.


  1. Eli Hajisomo says

    Bank of America referral program is complete scam. They tell you that if you refer someone to BOA and they open up a checking acount, both people will receive an incentive of $25. Well, I have referred someone who opened up a checking but I have never received that $25 dollars. First, they told me that it would take about 90 days. I waited that long and called them but they told me they were no records in my account of any kind of incentive. I went to the branch which I referred the person who opened up the checking account and talked to the Branch Manager. He told me that he will fix it and I would get the incentive in 30 days. Well, that was a complete lie also. I have never received that $25 and decided I should just let it go because it wasn’t worth all the trouple. Bank of America should honor their promises and stop lying to their customers. Is a shame that the Bank would do such a thing and lie in your face. I couldn’t beleive it.

  2. melly says

    I received this bonus and so did my hubby. What we noticed is that the deposit has to be $125 no less. Make sure to ask the person what you need deposited for the FIRST deposit, and then you should get one. Mine was auto deposited, and his we found in the form of a mailed check. Make sure to open all your mail-he almost missed his. Thankfully I opened it because he thought it was another statement.

    Hope that helps anyone waiting for their checks/deposits

  3. says

    Hello SG,

    The Bank of America referral program is currently unavailable and has ended nationwide according to customer service.

    At first, they were indicating that the program was only available in person at branches, and that the online referrals had ended.

    However, the latest news is that the program has ended completely until further notice.

    It’s too bad, as it was a great ongoing program for a long time.

    We’ll update this page further if the program comes back again.

    Thank you, please feel free to comment if anybody hears any news.


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