BBVA Compass $125 NBA Checking Account Bonus Available Nationwide

BBVA Compass offers the NBA Checking and Savings accounts that are available nationwide in the U.S., plus you can get up to $125 in bonus rewards with a new NBA Checking account.

You’ll earn a $100 electronic gift card when you make 3 qualifying bill payments, a $15 gift card for receiving 2 direct deposits, and a $10 iTunes gift card for using your NBA Check Card to make qualifying purchases.

NBA Checking accounts opened online through may be eligible for this new account bonus.

How To Earn $125 NBA Checking Account Bonus

$100 Gift Card: Activate the Bill Play game, and within 90 days, make 3 bill payments of at least $50 each to unrelated third parties.

$15 Gift Card: Initiate the Direct Deposit Dash game in Online or Mobile Banking, and within 90 days, have 2 direct deposits of $300 or more post to your account.

$10 iTunes Gift Card: Initiate the Swipe for Songs game, and within 30 days, make 40 qualifying Check Card transactions including any purchase with your BBVA Compass Check Card that debits your participating checking account.

Your account must be opened online via in order to qualify.

There is a $25 minimum opening deposit required.

There is a maximum of 1 bonus per household.

This offer is not valid with any other offer and is subject to change without notice.

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Sign up for the NBA Checking account from BBVA Compass to get up to $125 in bonus rewards.


    • says

      Hello John,

      Do you see $25 on the promo page and not $75?

      If so, then I think the opening bonus may vary by state.

      I see “Get a $75 bonus when you open your NBA Checking account by June 30th!”

      Otherwise, I’m not sure why you are seeing only $25.

      Thanks for the comment. Max

          • john mccann says

            I wanted to do the simple $25 bonus and open the Clear checking account. BUT,you still have to do the 3 bill pays to get the $25. I thought it was for just opening the account.

  1. jeffrey says

    My wife and I both signed up for accounts and I just got a Derrick Rose autographed photo for $21 :). I have yet to see anything about a bonus though, nor have I received one. It seems that the direct deposit game and Debit swipe games are both accessible, yet to do those. But, I can 100% confirm that the Bill pay game worked as my D Rose photo is on the way :)

    When were your guys sign up bonuses credited to your account?

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