Hanscom Federal Credit Union $30 Referral Bonus with Open Membership

Hanscom Federal Credit Union is offering a $30 referral bonus for both new and current members, plus you can get a 6% APY for 1 year with their CU Thrive account for a limited time.

Hanscom Federal Credit Union has branch locations throughout Massachusetts, but membership in Hanscom FCU is open to anyone who joins a sponsoring membership organization.

You can qualify for Hanscom FCU membership by family relationship to a current member, via your employer, or by joining sponsored membership organizations including the Nashua River Watershed Assocation ($35), the Air Force Assocation ($30), The Burlington Players (volunteer), and the United Steelworkers Local 12012.

An initial deposit of $25 into a Prime Shares account is required, which establishes your membership with Hanscom Federal Credit Union.

Hanscom Federal Credit Union $30 Referral Bonus

Please feel free to share Hanscom FCU referral links in the comments below this article for new members to use when opening an account, so that you can both earn the $30 bonus offer.

The Hanscom FCU Referral Program offers a $30 bonus to both parties.

When a current member registers for the referral program, you will get $30 for each successful referral when your friends open a checking account online.

Plus, new members who are referred by a current member will also get a $30 bonus when you open a checking account online, so everybody wins.

The $30 Refer A Friend bonuses will be credited after 90 days of active membership.

Remember, new members also need to establish a Prime Shares savings account, so you’ll need to open the savings account and a checking account to qualify for this bonus.

Requirements for a Qualified Referral:

Current members must refer a new member to Hanscom FCU, which is defined as someone who does not have an existing primary relationship with Hanscom FCU at the time the new membership is established.

New member referrals must be at least 18 years old.

The referred member must open a checking account online via the current member’s referral link.

The referred member’s savings and checking account must remain open and in good standing for 90 days after opening.

Employees and volunteers of Hanscom FCU and their immediate families are not eligible for either bonus.

Hanscom Free Checking Account

Hanscom does offer a Free Checking Account with no minimum balance requirement, no direct deposit requirement, and no monthly fees.

Hanscom CU Thrive Account 6% APY

Get a 6% APY with a CU Thrive Account when you set up an automatic transfer from your Hanscom FCU checking account to your CU Thrive account.

The 6% rate for the CU Thrive account is fixed for the full term (12 months) with a maximum contribution amount of $500 per month.

No minimum balance requirements apply to this account.

You may schedule transfers for up to $500 (minimum $5) each month from a Hanscom checking account.

This account will not automatically renew at maturity.

Any member with a Hanscom FCU checking account can open a CU Thrive account, so you can first qualify for the $30 referral bonus, and then take advantage of this 6% rate.

There are no fees to open or maintain a CU Thrive account.

There can only be 1 CU Thrive account open per membership, so you can’t receive this special rate for multiple accounts.

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Take advantage of the Hanscom Federal Credit Union referral bonus and special interest rate on the CU Thrive account.


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