KeyBank Pay It Forward Program $50 Referral Bonuses for Current Customers

The KeyBank Pay It Forward Program offers current customers a $50 bonus for referring your friends to open a new checking account.

Plus, your referrals will earn a $100 bonus when they open a new checking account, so everybody wins.

KeyBank accounts are available to residents of the following states: AK, CO, ID, IN, ME, MI, NY, OH, OR UT, VT, and WA.

KeyBank Pay It Forward Program

This KeyBank Referral Program is available between July 4, 2015, and October 2, 2015.

For each person that you refer through the Pay it Forward program, you’ll earn $50 when your referral completes the following activities:

1. Opens a qualifying checking account.

2. Makes 1 or more direct deposits of at least $500 within 60 days of account opening.

Your friend will also get $100 once they meet the requirements.

KeyBank Pay It Forward Program Referral Bonuses

How To General Referral Coupons

Qualifying current customers who are referrers must generate a referral coupon through KeyBank online banking.

The code printed on the coupon is unique to that person and each code can only be used once.

The referrer must provide the code to the referee to use when opening a new account.

When the referee uses the code to open a new checking account, the referral bonuses will be activated.

If you are a qualified referrer, you should be able to find the Pay It Forward information within your KeyBank online account.

When you are logged in to your online banking, there should be a box that says “refer a friend get $50,” and you just click on it to get the process started.

KeyBank Referral Program Details

Employees of KeyBank, its affiliates, or subsidiaries are not eligible to receive the $50 referral bonus.

If you receive referral gifts totaling $600 or more, the value of your gifts will be reported on Form 1099-MISC.

Between July 4, 2015, and October 2, 2015, the new client that you refer must meet the offer stipulations in order for you to receive your referral gift of $50.

Your gift will be deposited into your account within 90 days of the referred new client meeting all requirements.

Accounts titled as Trust Accounts, Estate, Non-Individual, and No Access are excluded from eligibility.

New accounts opened from the same mailing address as the referrer are excluded from eligibility.

Share KeyBank Referrals

If you are a current KeyBank customer with access to the referral program, please feel free to share your contact information and/or your referral codes in the comments section below this article.

KeyBank Checking Bonus for New Customers

There is also a KeyBank $300 Personal Checking Account Promotion that is available to new customers if you don’t sign up through a current customer’s referral code.

Take advantage of the KeyBank Pay It Forward Program to earn $50 for referring new customers and help your friends earn a $100 new account bonus.


  1. Raman Bhatia says

    You can use following codes for this offer:

    Marketing Code: EVRC0613
    Event Code: EVRC0613-000018455

    Marketing Code: EVRC0613
    Event Code: EVRC0613-000018456

    Marketing Code: EVRC0613
    Event Code: EVRC0613-000018457

    Marketing Code: EVRC0613
    Event Code: EVRC0613-000018458

  2. Arun says

    You can also use the below code while opening the key express account before 10/18/2013 and get 200$ bonus. I recently received the bonus.
    Event code: EVRC0613-000037840


  3. Arun says

    use the below link

    Go to to open your account online, and enter the Reservation Code: 000037842 and Offer Code: EVRC0613

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