Navy Federal Credit Union $50 New Member Referral Bonus

Navy Federal Credit Union is offering a $50 referral bonus for both new and current members.

If you are a current Navy FCU member, just refer Armed Forces personnel, DoD civilians, contractors, or their dependents, and you’ll both get a $50 bonus.

How To Refer New Navy FCU Members

1. Current Navy FCU members can provide your referrals with your name and zip code or access number.

2. New members can complete the online application, visit a branch, or call 1-888-842-6328.

3. The referral program must be mentioned at the time of joining for both accounts to be credited.

4. You’ll both receive a $50 bonus.

Check out this Navy Federal $50 Referral Bonus Page (Old $25 Promo) for more details on this offer.

Navy FCU Membership Eligibility

Navy Federal serves Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, military Delayed Enlistment Program (DEP) Personnel, DoD civilians, and their families.

There is a $5 minimum balance to open and maintain a savings account and to obtain the bonus.

Navy Federal Credit Union Referral Program Details

This offer may not be combined with any other new-member offers at the time of the account opening.

Any current NFCU member 18 or older may be a referring member.

Recruiters are not eligible to refer recruits.

The bonus will be deposited within 7 business days of account opening.

There is a limit of 5 referrals per member.

Navy Federal employees and their immediate family are not eligible to participate in this program.

You can also get this Navy Federal $200 IRA Bonus if you qualify for membership.

Please feel free to exchange referrals with other readers in the comments below this article to get a $50 bonus from Navy Federal Credit Union.


  1. ac krause says

    Navy Federal Credit Union $50 New Member Bonus
    whats the catch? Banks are now giving money away? my wife fell for this one.

  2. Susan says

    I have 5 referrals to share. How can I go about sharing with readers of your blog? When I click the referral link in the email from Navy Federal, it asks me for the email addresses of the friends I want to refer. . . . .

    • says

      Hello Susan,

      If you wish to share referrals with other readers, you can simply provide your email address within the comments section here, so that other readers may then contact you to request that you send them a referral via email.

      Hope this helps and good luck sharing. Max

  3. Felicia says

    It’s a scam. I joined b/c my son is AD Military. I was “once” a member over 15 yrs ago and was told b/c I was a member before I am not eligible. However, acct was closed over 15 yrs ago and have never received a stitch of paper from NF since. Now they are trying to tell me I have been a member for over 24 yrs… anything not to honor their promotions… and not pay people what they advertise!!

  4. william says

    i joined thanks to a reader from this site. the bonus of $50 is applied to your acct in a few days. also i was advised by a NFCU rep if i started a direct dep i would get an additional $50

  5. Khaatima says

    Would anyone like a referral for Navy Federal, I have 3 more to give out. It has to be done by tomorrow though. Let me know

    • Sorts Fan says

      Us my name Romon Danley and access no. 6104667 to open a membership referred accaount and receive the $50 bonus.

      • Marc tamid says

        Hi Roman my name is Marc Tamid it it’s still possible I would really like to be able to become a member of nfcu.. I have fico 8 scores with all 3 bureaus of 805-815. If you can give me a heads up on if you still have any referrals left I would be more than happy and willing to give you whatever cash bonus I receive on top of what you receive for your help in givin me this opportunity. Thank you in advance and have a great night.

  6. Lamont says

    I have 5 referrals left! For anyone wanting to sign up. Available until the end of August (Promotion deadline)

    Name: Lamont Jones
    Access Number: 9054464

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