Provident Credit Union $150 New Membership Bonus and $25 Amazon Gift Card Referral Rewards

The Provident Credit Union is offering a $150 new membership bonus and $25 Amazon Gift Card referral rewards for both parties with open membership available.

Anyone can qualify for Provident CU Membership by joining their partner associations like the Sierra Club, or if you live in qualifying counties in California.

Important Note: Please be aware that only California residents may qualify for the $150 new account promotion, although any member may qualify for the referral program bonus.

How To Qualify for $150 New Membership Bonus

You just need to open a new membership with checking and complete all of these checking account requirements for the following 2 consecutive statement cycles (not including your account opening month) to receive the $150 bonus:

1. Perform 10 check card transactions per statement cycle (PIN or signature-based, not including ATM transactions).

2. Have a monthly direct deposit or automatic debit/credit of at least $500 post to the account (includes online bill pay).

3. Maintain enrollment in eDocuments (electronic statements and notices).

Check out this $150 Provident New Member Bonus to apply online today.

You must be a new Provident member, 18 or older, and a member of the California Teachers Association.

Your Provident membership is established by a primary savings account with a $5 minimum balance.

Your qualifying checking account must be funded within the first 60 days of account opening with a minimum deposit of $25.

In order to qualify for your $150 bonus, your account must be active and in good standing for 2 consecutive statement cycles following the month that your account is opened.

Your account is deemed active by completing the monthly requirements.

When applying online, you save the $10 membership fee, and your first box of checks are free

Make sure that you use Promotional Code 9336 when opening your account online.

Provident will fund your Membership Savings account with $5 at account opening, which is the minimum balance requirement.

You must fund your Checking account within the first 60 days of account opening.

If you fail to fund your Checking account within the first 60 days, you are no longer eligible for the New Account Bonus and your accounts will be closed.

$25 Amazon Gift Card Referral Bonuses

Current Provident Credit Union members can also participate in the Provident Referral Program to earn $25 Amazon Gift Cards.

Both new members and current members will receive $25 Amazon Gift Cards for participating in the referral program, but I do not believe that new members may qualify for both the above $150 offer and the $25 Amazon referral bonus offer at the same time, although it may be worth a try.

How To Refer New Members

If you are an existing Provident member, you can send a personal referral link to eligible friends and relatives, or feel free to post it in the comments section below this article.

Your referrals can then accept the invitation and use your unique promo code when applying for membership and a checking account.

After your referrals successfully complete the Entry Period, you and your friend will both receive a $25 Amazon gift card.

There is no limit to the gift cards that you can receive.

Referral Program Rules

You must be at least 18 years old in order to earn the referral bonus.

The referrer and referee are not eligible if the referee is a current owner or signer on a Provident Credit Union personal or business account or if the referee has been an owner or signer on a Provident Credit Union personal or business account in the last 6 months.

Referred members must live in separate households.

In order to qualify for the referral bonus, the referred account must be active and in good standing.

The account is deemed active by using your debit card at least 5 times per month, OR paying 2 bills per month using Provident Credit Union online Bill Manager, OR by making at least 1 deposit each month.

These activity requirements must be met for 2 consecutive months following the month that the new account is opened.

Referral bonuses are usually paid via email within 120 days from account opening.

You may also participate in the Provident Round Up Program to earn debit card bonuses.

Get a $150 new checking bonus from the Provident Credit Union today.


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    Hello Busted and Joe,

    The original terms of this offer were actually updated by Provident Credit Union after it was initially posted, so the article was reflecting the old terms of the promo.

    I’ve updated the above article to now reflect the new promotional terms.

    Sorry for any confusion that this may have caused.

    Thank you for your comments. Max

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