Provident Credit Union Round Up Program for Debit Card Purchases with Matching Funds

The Provident Credit Union Round Up Program provides matching funds on your debit card purchases.

Provident Credit Union will match 100% of your eligible Round Up transactions for the first 3 months.

After that, they’ll match 5% on your account and all subsequent enrolled accounts for up to $250 per year.

Provident Round Up Program Overview

Round Up is an easy way to automatically save by rounding up your debit card purchases to the nearest dollar and having the difference transferred to a savings account from your checking account.

This free program also allows you to add on dollar amounts ($1, $2, or $3) to each transaction and amounts up to $100 at the end of each month.

Each month, you can choose to transfer your balance to an eligible Provident savings account, loan, or credit line (checking accounts are not eligible), or just keep your funds in your Round Up account and let it grow.

Check out the Provident CU Round Up Program to enroll today.

Round Up Matching Bonus Offer

Provident will match 100% of your Round Up transfers for the first 3 months after you enroll for your first enrolled checking account.

Thereafter, Provident will match 5% on this account and all subsequent enrolled accounts.

The maximum total match is $250 per year.

Your match bonus will be credited on your anniversary date.

Round Up Details

The Round Up program is an add-on feature that is available on up to 3 eligible checking accounts at Provident with the exception of the Super Reward Checking, Health Savings, and Fresh Start Checking accounts.

Upon enrollment, a Round Up Savings account will also be opened within 1 business day.

Eligible transactions are aggregated and transferred to the Round Up account at the end of each day.

You can transfer to and from your Round Up account any time.

Matching occurs on the rounded transaction amounts only.

Enrollment is only available via Account Manager (online banking).

Only debit card PIN and signature-based transactions are eligible.

You must be enrolled in e-Documents.

Provident Credit Union Membership Eligibility

Anyone can qualify for Provident Membership if you join a qualified association such as the American Cancer Society, the Sierra Club, and many others.

You can also qualify if you live or work in select counties in California, have qualified family members, or local union memberships.

You may also be interested in the Bank of America Keep the Change Program to receive matching funds for your Bank of America debit card purchases.

Sign up for the Provident Credit Union Round Up Program to earn matching funds for your debit card purchases.

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