Merrill Edge Brokerage Account and IRA Account Promotional Offers

Merrill Edge brokerage accounts and IRA accounts are currently offering promotional cash rewards when you open a new Merrill Edge account.

Just open and fund your new Merrill Edge brokerage account and IRA, and you’ll receive more than $350 in benefits that include:

1. $100 deposited into your free-for-life IRA.

2. $50 minimum yearly savings with your new IRA.

3. $125 Cash Management Account (CMA) first-year fee waiver.

4. $95 Visa Signature Deferred Debit Card first-year fee waiver.

Check out this Merrill Edge Financial Promotional Offer to qualify for these cash rewards today.

Merrill Edge Promotional Details

To qualify for this introductory offer, you must set up and fund both an Individual or Joint Merrill Lynch Cash Management Account (CMA) brokerage account and a Traditional or Roth brokerage IRA through the Merrill Lynch Financial Advisory Center.

In addition, you must fund or roll over $50,000 in securities or cash within 3 months of both account openings, and the funds must be maintained for a minimum of 3 months.

Accounts must have the same Social Security number(s) to be considered eligible.

Funds may be deposited to either the brokerage account or IRAs, but minimum funding of $2,000 in the CMA account is required.

The $50,000 minimum funding must come from sources outside Merrill Lynch or Bank of America, except in the case of a Merrill Lynch 401(k) plan rollover.

You may also apply for the CMA Signature Rewards Visa deferred debit card, but this is an optional feature.

Approved applicants receive $100 to offset any fees incurred with bringing assets to Merrill Lynch.

To receive the $100 fee offset, you must fund your new accounts with $50,000 or roll over the same amount in securities or cash or cash equivalents within 3 months of both account openings, and funds must be maintained for a minimum of 3 months.

The $100 will be credited to your IRA in the fourth calendar month from account funding.

Only 1 fee offset credit is allowed per person. It is valid within your IRA only and not with any other type of Merrill Lynch account.

Merrill Lynch reserves the right to change or cancel this offer at any time.

First-year fee waivers ($125) apply only to the CMA brokerage annual account fee and IRA custodial fee ($50).

Other fees still apply, including, but not limited to, other standard brokerage fees associated with security transaction fees, margin interest, special stock registration/gifting, account closing and/or transfer, research requests, and other miscellaneous fees.

Take advantage of this Merrill Edge promotional bonus offer when you open a new brokerage account and IRA account from Merrill Edge.

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Open your Merrill Edge IRA account and brokerage account today to get more than $350 in cash back incentives.

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