Scottrade Trade Free for 70 Days Promotion with New Brokerage Account

Scottrade is offering free trades for 70 days when you open a new Scottrade brokerage account.

You can trade free for 70 days with your new Scottrade account.

Plus, if you don’t like Scottrade after 70 days, you are free to transfer your assets and account elsewhere, with no penalties or transfer fees.

Check out this Scottrade Free Trades 70 Days offer to sign up today.

This offer is valid for new Scottrade brokerage clients with a limit of 1 offer per individual.

This offer applies to online trades only and is valid for equity, exchange-traded fund or option, market or limit, good until cancelled or day orders only.

Trade commissions and options contract fees only will be waived during the offer period.

All other fees still apply, including, but not limited to, commissions and/or fees charged for trades in securities priced below $1.

Trades made using commission-free trade credits will not be counted for purposes of meeting minimum trading activity requirements for discounts on or credits for other services offered by Scottrade.

The 70-day free trading period will begin within 5 business days following the original account opening date.

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Sign up for Scottrade to trade free for 70 days.


    • Adam says

      OXIK5009 – Use the code OXIK5009 for 3 free trades after setting up and funding a new Scottrade account. This is a savings of $21.

      I’ve been with Scottrade almost five years and I love it. Fast execution, low fees, and great education tools.

    • Sam Walls says

      I just started a retirement account with Scottrade, and I am loving it. Please use the code LKVX4272 for 3 free trades after signing up and funding your new Scottrade account.

      LKVX4272 – 3 FREE TRADES (A $21 SAVINGS)

  1. Stephania says

    Open your Scottrade account online or at a branch office, so you will receive 3 free trades. Free Trades!!!!!

    Enter code: TPBH8404


  2. jeremy says

    I love scottrade and recommend it as a low cost brokerage to anyone.

    Use this code to get 3 free trades when you open an account: OZEC9366

  3. Jeffrey Z says

    Totally $21 free value when you sign up with bonus code: OKPO9865

    With this bonus code you save 3 trades including any option contract fees.

    No expiration.

  4. Angelica Hymi says

    Discount Broker Scottrade at

    use the code and get free trades. you’ll love the service:


    • Jason says

      Still looking to sign up with Scottrade and get free trades?

      Use referral code XYYZ4890 and get 3 free trades right from the start today

      (Worth 21 dollars)

  5. Jason says

    OXIK5009 – Use the code OXIK5009 for 3 free trades after setting up and funding a new Scottrade account.

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