TradeStation Brokerage Account up to $500 Bonus and Free Trades for 60 Days

TradeStation brokerage accounts are offering up to $500 in cash credits plus commission-free trades for 60 days when you open an account by March 31, 2014.

Just open and fund a new TradeStation brokerage account by March 31, 2014, to get up to $500 in cash credits.

You’ll also receive up to $500 in commission rebates during the first 60 days.

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TradeStation up to $500 in Cash Credits

The bonus credits will be based on your qualifying funding.

1. $250,000 or more will receive $500.

2. $100,000 to $249,999 will receive $250.

The amount of your bonus is based on the total of new funds or securities from external accounts deposited within the first 10 days of new account approval.

An eligible account will receive a cash credit according to the above formula for eligible deposits provided it maintains the minimum criteria for that level for 9 months after the account is opened.

TradeStation Commission-Free Trades for 60 Days

Trade commission-free for 60 days is defined as no account service fee or RadarScreen fee for the first 60 days following account opening.

You will be eligible for a maximum commission rebate amount not to exceed $500.

To receive the rebate, a minimum of $2,500 must be maintained for the duration of the promotional period, which ends 60 days after the funding date.

Rebates will be processed monthly and automatically applied to your balance until the maximum rebate amount is achieved or the promotional period ends.

Commission rebates shall be limited to commissions for trades of equities shares, futures or options contracts that are executed through the TradeStation platform and cannot be applied towards mutual funds, futures options, bonds or private placements, or trades of any kind called into the TradeStation trading desk.

Real-time exchange fees, other than the ones included based on the type of account opened, are not included in any fee waivers, and you will be billed exchange fees for any real-time exchanges or premium services you choose to receive.

A $14.95 fee applies for options exercises or assignments at expiration.

For early options exercises or assignments, a $1.50 per contract fee will apply with a $5.95 minimum.

TradeStation free and commission rebates exclude exchange fees, regulatory fees, or other account fees and charges, including margin interest, if any.

Further Promotional Details

The above offers apply to 1 TradeStation network ID regardless of the number of accounts held.

The cash credit offer is for new individual and joint accounts only and excludes tax-exempt accounts (including IRAs), institutional accounts, trust accounts, and employee accounts.

Internal account or asset transfers also are not eligible for the cash credit offer.

These offers cannot be combined with any other offers.

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Open a TradeStation brokerage account to trade free for 60 days and earn up to $500 in bonus credits.

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