Popeyes Receipt Survey Offers Free 2-Piece Chicken and Biscuit with Purchase of Large Drink

Popeyes restaurants are offering a receipt survey for 2 free pieces of chicken and a biscuit with the purchase of any large drink.

Just visit any participating Popeyes and make a purchase to receive your receipt.

You should see the survey information on the back of your Popeyes receipt.

You must visit www.tellpopeyes.com or call 1-800-682-0219 to complete the brief survey.

You must complete the survey within 2 days of your Popeyes purchase.

You will receive a validation code when you complete the survey, which you must enter on your receipt.

Then bring back the receipt with the validation code to redeem for your free 2 pieces of chicken and a biscuit when you purchase any large drink.

There is a limit of 1 offer per guest per month for this promotion, although you can probably work around that limit, as they do not take your name during the survey process.

For those looking to score the free food offer without making an initial purchase, you can also just grab a receipt from somewhere around the restaurant, as you’ll usually find one laying on the ground outside or around the garbage where people drop them.

Check out these other Restaurant Promotional Offers as well for more fast-food savings.

Complete your Popeyes receipt survey after your purchase to get a free 2-piece checking and biscuit with the purchase of any large drink on your next visit.


        • R Wm Seymour says

          The Code is not a scam. I have been a customer of Popeyes for years and have entered my survey both by calling and computer. Never have had any problems thus far. However, it is possible for people to encounter Internet or Technical problems through either phone or computer.

        • vb says

          Naw. Its no scam, ive been doing this for a min now. Ill just put up a receipt. And do the survey on my phone. Buy me a large drink and get my 2 piece

        • mae says

          Its not a scam I had several codes. go to Tellpopeyes.com answer a few questions and you should receive a code.

        • Texas Girl says

          I called the ph# on the receipt and got mine. When i completed the survey online, didn’t get the validation code. Try the ph#.

        • Rose Trahan says

          I completed my survey but did not receive a validation code for my free 2 pc. chicken, could you please send me one..I would appreciate it..

      • pam says

        I brought chicken last night tried calling the toll free number entered the number on the receipt and the number didn’t work the number is #11807 on the receipt the lady said the number was invalid I only have until tomorrow for the free 2 piece chicken I just need the validation code please respond as soon as possible the restaurant is located in Dalton GA 30721

      • robert rees says

        I entered twice this months and didn’t get a code after answering all the questions. I gave them all fives except for customer service, I gave them a 3 and should have given them a 1 after entering twice and getting no code

        • CalAnn says

          Because when you call from the same number or use the same computer within 30 days, you will not get a code. Gotta use a different one.

    • Guy M Bailey says

      I was a former purchase or two on October 23, 2013 and made a additional purchase on that same date. When I went online to use the coupon, it was stated that there was only one coupon
      accessible per month purchase. Just yesterday I waited until the month of November of 2013.
      How many days do I have to wait to receive a new Validation Code?

      • brenda aviles says

        I ask for the shrimp special I was told it old sign so I did not get it I should have been able to get it so I did not get me anything but I did get my husband something the guy that waited on me was not very nice

      • nancy lee says

        I wish you would consider bringing back the
        Waffle Fried chicken tenders they were the best on the Market Please Please

    • David Jackson says

      Popeyes is the best it’s awesome there chicken is the best from New Orleans in layfette love Popeyes

      • Mark says

        It’s not free chicken if you have to buy a large drink for $2.16. I don’t drink soda or Tea so I just wanted the chicken so they told me that I still had to pay for the drink, but they had a sign outside that said I could buy a 2 piece mix for $1.99 = $2.16. Keep in mind that you are paying $2.16 for about 13 ounces of soda after they pack the large cup with ice. Nothing is free my friends. Not even air!

        • Bill says

          The Popeyes at Canal Street in NYC charged 4.09 for that large soda in order to get that 2 “free” chicken. They also advertised a 3 piece chicken with biscuit for $3.99. This is really a SCAM!

  1. Bo says

    Enjoy that Popeyes one to two times a week as this week started out Sunday with that hot ,spicy, and just down right good chicken.

  2. eric flemmings says

    just wanted to say that the chicken never as alot of grease like kfc and the new green beans are great they were hot wen i ate them and the pecan pie was awesome

  3. Karon Drake says

    Popeye’s has the best chicken in town I was there on 10-5-12 (only thing is they need 2 cook more spicy that’s the best chicken

  4. david porche says


  5. JoAnn Otto says

    You forgot to give me my second order of fries. My first visit ever. The popcorn shrimp was delicious and my fries were good But you owe me one order of fries. JoAnn Otto October 12.2012 8:11P.M. thank you

  6. JoAnn Otto says

    You forgot to give me my second order of fries. My first visit ever. The popcorn shrimp was delicious and my fries were good . JoAnn Otto 10-12-12

  7. JoAnn Otto says

    You forgot to give me my second order of fries. My first visit ever. The popcorn shrimp was delicious and my fries were good . 1375 and I did not get the res t of the numbersJoAnn Otto 10-12- 1375

  8. Erick says

    Everytime I try to enter my store number, empathica doesn’t acknowledge it, not to mention when trying to put in my email address, Popeyes, empathica always saying to put in your name at domain, but when you do this it keeps repeating the same thing. This is very annoying. Please fix the problem. Quickly, thanks for nothing.



  10. Lalo 85 says

    The validation code wiped out before I was able to finish recording it and now you wont let me enter the site again. Disapointed…this will drastically affect my appraisal of Popeyes!

  11. roger bonham says

    had to go meal at your council bluffs iowa #5273
    at 4.21 p.m. oct 17 meal was good and serv was good
    but the serv was sweating badly and sweat on his shirt did’nt give a good inpreson thank you.

  12. Betty says

    got a chicken wrap, my first, it was so good, next time I’ll get one of their sauce to spice it up more. glad they are now on Base…

  13. brendamatthews says

    I Love popeyes chicken. I am rock island,Il by way of Chicago, Il…..We do not have a popeyes in Rock Island, Il. You should build one or two somewhere in the quad city.

  14. MARILYN BARON says

    I had the nuggets and biscuit with sweet heat sauce. EXCELLENT cicken was tender, juicy, and crisp sauce just right and the biscuit well perfect is too tame a word. great service too.

  15. Mark Longo says

    I really enjoyed my spicy chicken and the mashed potatoes and red beans and rice on Mon. 11/05/12 in Quakertown, PA Mark L


    Hey Popeyes,

    The Breastes is hot & spicey, and the mash & gray, hit’s the spot! “” LOVE THAT CHICKEN FROM POPEYES “”

  17. Leslie Dean says

    I love the chicken and seafood,i also love the red beans and friesi hope i dont ever have to move somewherethat dont have a Popeyes.

  18. Rita Core says

    my husband agree its the best tasting chickenwe ever tasted at anew store that just openrd in our rea. The food was good and fast and hot.

  19. Terry says

    I visited the store on Washington Blvd in Beaumont, Texas on 11/13/12. The crawfish was fried a little hard, but the older lady that was working there around 2:30pm as one of cashier sure made the day a pleasant day with her friendly and caring attitude. This is why I am going to take this coupon an give them another try at making the food better. Yes young folks customer service does matter.

  20. john says

    I did not receive any validation code. I’m pissed that I wasted my time and that they STOLE my personal information. That’s like going to Popeye’s, making and order, paying for the order, but they never give you your food nor your money back. Exact same thing! There should be a lawsuit for this!

  21. SHARON CARTER says





  23. m Ferris says

    Went there day before yesterday. I was blasted by the speaker taking my order. When I asked the lady inside, “Could she please turn down the speaker.” She screamed into the speaker, that she could not turn it down. I almost pulled away and left, but pulling up, I could still hear her and gave her the rest of my order. I was shaking from the experience. I used to work around the corner from this place and they were always extremely nice, and the chicken is delightful, but, I would love to have this lady sit in her car and in front of that speaker and scream and yell at her, and, she if she does not get a heart attack.
    Some employees are horrifying. Never would I make this comment if I had not seen the website on the back side. I would usually never ever go there again.

    I forgot to give the address on Napier in Benton harbor. says on reciept Lacrisa 411 at 12.35 p.m. Chk 843

  24. linda says

    purchase chicken on december 10, 2012 call in survey december 12, 2012, i didnt get the complete validation code so tell me how i get this code, my number is 678-851-2248. thank you.

  25. Savannah Davis says

    I purchase chicken on Dec 15 2012 . And did the call in survey I did not get my validation code . how can i get my code my # is 540-819-7293 Thank you Mrs. Davis

  26. Margaret Williams says

    I just left from the popeyes in concord,nc.The chicken and the cajun rice was very delicious. I enjoy it very much. It was finger licking good. Thanks. Have a blessed day.

  27. kiya says

    Haven’t had popeyes in for ever and was kind of scared to try it at the new location but I’m glad I did it was great

  28. James Batista says

    I suggest you call the toll free number 1 800 682-0219 to get the code as I got it. If you do it online then they say at the end that they will email the code but I have not got it recently, so call the automated system. :)

  29. Jan says

    One just opened here. They are taking no coupons and when I did the survey, I received a bad link. called customer service and they said they were unable to correct it. LOL. No chicken is that good.

  30. Jim says

    Went to Popeyes tonight, and ordered 12 pc with red beans and rice, and 6 biscuits.
    Normally, I received a generous portion including 2 breasts. Tonight, all I got was legs and thighs. Also the red beans and rice were only about 3/4 full. As you can tell, I am not happy with Popeyes from this visit.

  31. Linda Fenster says

    I tried to do the survey again so I could get a survey code, since I didn’t get one, but it said that I’d already completed one. Wonder how you get one?

  32. Jenny Hall says

    I also did the survey and did not get a Validation Code. I guess its a scam just to get you to rate their store. The food was good but this experience sucks.

  33. john carlino says

    i completed the popeye survey and saw that i was to be sent a text mail with the code for the 2 piece offer. i never received an email with the code.whats going on!!!

  34. Tom E. says

    I love going to Popeyes for your shrimp po”boy. they are the best! We do not have popeyes in Minnesota, so when we winter in Texas it is always a treat…

  35. vikki says

    time est chicken i have had in a longtime the whole family enjoyed it. looking forward to our next wisit for some more great food

  36. J. WILLIAMS says

    I just left the popeyes @ store 3930 the store manager was very very rude, I had a survey reciept, call the 1-800 number provided on the reciept she would not honor it, and told her staff not to honor it, this store is in my neighborhood so I go there often. They are awlways rude never get the orders right, I’ll take it back and have stll got the wrong order, Please if someone undercover could go in and help this store out. The service is not like the service you get in New Orleans

  37. joyce martin says

    i am complaining of your popeyes emploee at storenumber 150 @12:pm today.i gave the young man myticket where i got 2 pieces of chicken and biscuit with a purchase of a large soda.on back of my coupons i were given this numbers.07978001508020113 and your emploee were very nasty and said it were a code goes with this coupon and my manager will not take this slip.i explain to young man .but he would not still take the coupon.and he would not let me speak to the manager.he told to get in contact you back concerning matter.he was very rude and i were very disappointed of his attuide to be working with the public.joyce martin-1-216-862-7624 po.box 20555 cleveland,ohio 44120

  38. joyce martin says

    on my popeye recipt i won to piece chicken when ibuy a large soda.i took the survey and wrote down this numbers.079780015080200113 i gave employee these tiket were i recived from store150 @12:30pm he would not take this coupon and were very nasty with it saying it;s a code goes with this .and told me to call back and get a code because will get him if he taken it without the code.i told thisvall i gothe still would not take in a very rude voice.he would not let me talk to the manger.i rated very high for this store and i am very sorry i did.1-216-862-7624pobox20555cleve.ohio44120.

  39. Anna says

    I did NOT get my validation code. I took the survey online as opposed to calling in. Once I’d answered everything that they wanted me to, they told me that they would email me a code tomorrow (red flag)! Now, two days have passed. I have screened my emails carefully, and not one email containing a code. I am UPSET! I will be taking the survey again and changing a few numbers!

  40. w mac says

    I did not get a validation code. I took survey online. This is a scam. I’m pissed b/c you wasted my time. I won’t be going back there.

  41. Judy says

    I thought if I filled this out I was to get 2 pcs. chicken & biscuit. I was happy with the service but would not have filled this out if was was not getting chicken, now I am very unhappy with your company because the information on the back of my receipt was misleading and I have not received anything there before, Even though the store experience was good you have probably lost a regular customer I live nearby and have visited your store often but am now very, very upset, I would have not have wasted my time for nothing,even though I am old I do have a life and my time is vaulable.

  42. deborah says

    I completed a brief survey on 2/15/13 and didn’t get a validation code number, I really enjoy the service as well as the chicken, at popeyes but are your company not keeping there word by promising a two piece and a biscuit when taking the survey, please don’t mislead loyal customers. Sincerely a customer

  43. Wilbert J.Johnson Sr, says

    Took the survey and still had to call in to receive the
    “validation code” why do you have to do both? but the chicken is good but don’t make your customer go thur hoops just for two peices of chicken.

  44. andre says

    I spent time to do the survey but they never sent the code for getting free chicken.
    That is just a scam! Don’t waste your time!

  45. RICK says


  46. Tommy Hegler says

    I went to Popeyes on the corner of Walton Way and the
    Gordon Highway Store#4423–Order Number: 128

    I would like to get my Validation Code

  47. Shavone Morgan says

    Great customer service, food hot and fresh, and Aylisha Jackson was the sweetest worker there. She was on point, fast, and has a very comforting voice. IAm from New Orleans and eat Popeyes a lot, but never ran across a Popeyes employer as sweet as Aylisha. Popeyes on 5275 government

  48. daisey says

    I went thru. the drive thru. got home didnot recieved what I ordered, very dissapointing for a first visit. I also tried to do the survey for the 2 pc meal and could not do so because it keep taking me to different sights.

  49. yolanda brown says

    there is no place like good old popeyes. it is the best crispy flavor bursting fried chicken in the west!!!

  50. Anna Cline says

    I purchased a great deal of chicken from popeye’s, was told to do survey for a 2 piece chicken and biscuit meal….when finished the survey it said sorry you don’t get it Popeye’s sucks

  51. Jeanette in Alabama says

    I’ve never been dissatisfied with Popeye’s. ALL locations that I have visited have excellent service and smiling faces!!!!

  52. Randy M says

    I filled out the stupid survey and got the same results that Anna Cline*above) got! No code or email as promised.

    While I love Popeye’s I gotta say that their current prices are outrageous………..more than $2.00 a piece of chicken in the family boxes, ridiculous!

  53. C Simmons says

    I like popeyes chicken, but I have tried to do the survey twice so I can get a free purchase, and they never send me the validation code so I can redeem my coupon…..
    What can I do next??????????

  54. Warren says

    I do enjoy your chicken.after completing the survey I never got my validation code. What are you going to do about this? I do hope that the answer is not NOTHING.



  56. Jerry Cheatham says

    I Live in Scranton Pa and i visit the one out in Stroudburg Pa every weekend, I find service great evert time and the food is delicious. I hope they in business and hope the franchise continue to move forward in success.

  57. J d Miller says

    Chicken is just a bit over cripy.Maybe the oil need changing sonner,at least my thinking.
    My 12 p mixed didnt have LEGS in package and my
    wife was MADDER THAN A LION.
    GOT THE PICTURE POPEYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Elizabeth Dash says

    We love Popeyes chicken, when ever we see a popeyes we stop or look for one it is the best.the flavor is great, cooked just tender and juicy just the way we like.the sales person is polite and does everything to please.We always leave happy and well satisfied

  59. Lily K. Lorenzo says

    everytime i go shopping at Main Street, Flushing I see to it to eat at my favorite place – POPEYE’S

  60. Judy Porterfield says

    Went to new store in Lithia Springs, Ga. Chicken pieces very small and over cooked. One employee and girlfriend had loud conversation in guest eating area, same employee failed to bring Apple pies to our table as promised, I returned to counter to get them. Apple pies were excellent. Upon leaving restaurant , two employees were smoking right outside the exit door! Not good !! Popeyes is usually very good, this time it was a disappointment.

  61. Eva Velasquez says

    Chose to pick up Popeyes 0n the way home,was very disappointed the chichen was either over cooked or had been there for awhile.The crust was too hard and the inside of the chicken was extremely dry. After spending 16.24 on a meal i ate a pot pie.

  62. Adele. J says

    The chicken is very good.everything is tasty. Redbeans & rice nasty. That should be look into. This has been for a while now. Lemonade great.

  63. emma morales says

    its my second time buying Popeyes and I bought the chicken and they gave me the wrong order, it was dry and most of it was dark chicken and bad service I went to the store 4207 in Murrieta.

  64. Ed says

    I’ve been eating Popeyes chaicken over 30yrs,and it don’tr get any better. the only time was on the interstste at a truck stop. I bet the Colonel turn over in his grave when Popeyes came ouy. I think it beats KFC in taste & price. I wish they would put one in North Port FL> It’s a new and growing city.

  65. norman d. says

    i ate at popeyes last night, it was so juicy and tender . the chicken was just cooked and hot ,heat wise and seasoned wise. its always a treat to eat there thanh you .

  66. farhana says

    1635 pleasant hill rd,the manager in that store he don’t know how to takecare the costomaralso he is very ruad.food taste is not as bad as manager.

  67. connie says

    I went for lunch today at your store at 4360 Gosford Road Bakersfield, Ca. 93313. My experience was horrible. First I ordered my food and it took 25-30 mins and it wasn’t busy. I ordered for dining in and it was prepared for take out in a box. There was no ice in ice machine, so I told the Mgr and it was at least 15 mins before this girl came out to fill ice machine and she pulled a chair from one of the tables to stand on to fill ice machine. This is the same girl that left my order sitting there. She seem to be giving the Mgr attitude. I asked the Mgr for a coupon and she took my name/phone numer ans said she would have to speak with someone.The customer service was very poor:(:(:(

  68. Lorry Tatsch says

    I love Popeye’s – the mild chicken. I am 79 years old and live alone so it is much easier for me to stop on the way home and pick up my dinner. I go to the Popeye’s on Memorial Drive in Chicopee, MA. My only problem is that I have never (and I mean NEVER) stopped to pick up my lunch/dinner when I didn’t have to wait because they were out of the mild chicken and it’s always at least a ten minute wait (last night it was at least 15 minutes I had to wait). The employees are always friendly and apologetic but it seems to me that the manager could plan a little better in having the chicken cooked and ready for their customers (especially if it close to meal times). Again, I truly love your chicken and will continue to buy it — just wish I didn’t have to wait so long for it every time.

  69. anthony miller says

    still waiting for my validation code for a survey I did on june 12 2013, honesty is also a part of good business, store #11216

  70. MarP says

    I had the worst experience at the Popeyes in Crystal MN yesterday. It took the young man(Nathan) to get my order. They had to make more so I had to wait 1/2 hour. This was at 4:30 in the afternoon. So it was getting close to supper time.

    When I asked him for a pen so I could write down the information to tell you about my experience. He said there weren’t any. Well, a young friendly young lady gave me one to use. Esque was her name.
    I sat down at a table to wait. The table needed to be scrubbed, it was chunky after the last guests.

    The chicken was good. Better than what we had at the Brooklyn Park Popeyes a month or so ago.

    I’m waiting to hear what kind of response I get before I will go to Popeyes again or tellamyone to go to the one in Crystal.

    Thank you,

    • Mazie P. Simpson says

      Mar – You should thank God that you didn’t receive the treatment that I got at The Eden, North Carolina location and the managers were worst than the employees
      I can Honestly say that I will NEVER support this franchise again.

  71. carol says

    your maple and honey dip is sweet, try some mustard to brake down the sweetest,but still love your chicken there is nothing like it!!!!!!!!!

  72. Nick says

    You don’t have to complete the survey to get the validation code because the validation code is the price of the order, store number, and the date that is on the receipt.

  73. Kalen Woodson says

    We tried Popeyes, here in Redding, Ca., when they opened the store on Lake Blvd. Store # 11420. It was not very good.
    I thought I would try it again today 10-21-13 at 12:12 PM. I ordered to eat in. I’m sorry but the second time was worse. The jambalia bowl had a chicken bone in it. I almost swallowed it. The chicken leg was the smallest leg I have ever seen. Unless it was a guene hen. It was $1.79 for that tiny leg. The red beans & rice were soggy. I was really looking forward to popeyes opening.

    When we ate it in Louisiana it was good. Sorry, but twice burned, we won’t be back!!!

  74. Cynthia Farar says

    I filled out the survey within the 2 days. Site said, an e-mail would be sent with the promo
    code. It has been 5 days now and still NO e-mail has been received. Still have NOT RECEIVED
    MY PROMO CODE! Tried the phone number and the recording said, 682-0219NT and hangs up.

  75. robert harting says

    I drive 35 miles for popeyes in Waco but its worth it . I wish there was one in temple that would much closer for me.but if ihave to go to Houston I will. just not as often.i love popeyes chicken.

  76. Sandra Bennett says

    I did not get a Validation Code when I finished the survey. Tryed it twice with no code. What’s up with this.

  77. Helen Morton says

    Poyeyes has the best spicy chicken and smash potatoes and gravy.We eat there often and it is within a mile of my home

  78. Stephanie Hunt says

    I visited the popeye,s in my area today. I frequently stop there. Today I ordered 3 wings and a biscuit and a two piece all white and a biscuit. The cashier that waited on me gave me the price and I asked her how much was the two piece all white and she replied she charged me for the meal because it was cheaper. I replied but you didn.t give me a meal, she replied I gave you an extra biscuit. When I said just give me what I asked for she then took off the meal. It was cheaper, but when I got home and looked at my receipt she had charged me ala carte for my order and not for what I ordered. I wonder how many times they have done this and I haven’t noticed. Needless to say I am done with this popeye’s just unbelievable how people will do with your money.

  79. Kelley says

    sitting here having lunch tried the Pepper Butterfly Shrimp, good value $4.99 8-shrimp, Fries & a biscuit, called the 800-682-0219 & got my Validation code for a 2 pieces & a biscuit with the purchase of a large drink… not bad at all!

  80. steve says

    i had a coupon for 14 pieces of chicken 4 biscuits 2 sides for 19.99 and i was told it was toad it was espires . i used expired coupons be for . the manger was not nice about it. the store number is 4425. i love popeyes chicken . thank yuo

  81. Mazie P. Simpson says

    I was at you Eden, North Carolina location and I ordered 2 special @ 1.29 ea. I order l Mild and 1 Spicy. The young lady asked if I would like two legs because they were out of thighs and was cooking more and it would be approx. 1/12 minutes before they would be out. So I agreed to wait and I waited (NO Problem) the young lady was catching up prior orders so she asked the young Man standing there to fix my order. He began to put 1 leg and 1 thigh in Box and then with his hands mashed the paper down in order to put the other two pieces in the same box. I immediately said to him these are two separate orders going to two different houses, and He began to tell me that He had to put them in the same box because I didn’t order them separately. I said I asked for two orders and I need them to go into two different boxes. He then said I will give you an extra box but I can’t put them in the same, I then asked him so you want me to separate the chicken and he started to repack the chicken reluctantly and threw it to me on the counter. I then confronted the Manager She called herself Jodie and She apologized and I told her I there wasn’t anything posted in the restaurant that said two orders had to go into the same box, and If I had known then I would have order separately and paid separately. I asked her where is it posted that you cannot put them in two boxes.wanted my money back. Previously I gave her $5.00 for two order at $2.75 and she gave me change of $ 2.25 when she refunded my money for the two orders she only gave me
    $ 2.25 I was so mad that I didn’t realize it until I started down the highway. Now I live 12 – 14 miles from Eden, North Carolina location and It was raining so hard it was visibility impossible to see how to drive, so I pulled over and called back to explain how she didn’t give me enough money. So Jodie said she would refund me $.50 if I came back and I told her to mail it to me (Did She Really think that I would drive 14 miles for .$50 and I informed her that I would never come back to Popeyes for any reason, She said Mam We have apologized to you and that’s all we can do I told her I’m out here on the side of the highway with NO CHICKEN and still didn’t get all of my money back and the way I was treated was certainly unjustifiable. I am writing to you because I feel that I was not properly treated as a Paying Consumer. My Order # 84 August 19, 2014 @ 3.30p.m. I was not even offered a free piece of Chicken for my Time and Money. I am not a satisfied customer of Popeyes, and will not patronize you company and will not ever recommend it to anyone that I know.. UNHAPPY IN NORTH CAROLINA- Mazie P. Simpson 114 Lala Drive, Reidsville, North Carolina

  82. Mazie P. Simpson says

    Your customer Service was Lousy and I was treated like a Non Resident -Citizen of the United States of America. I have worked in Corporate America for 23 yrs plus and was always told that the Customer was Right. I realize sometimes that there are difficult people in this world, but I was simply trying to get 2 orders and never expected to get the treatment that I received. Popeyes has left a terrible taste in my mouth and in my Heart, because I have never been so humiliated in my life, over a 2 pc. Chicken special. Please except my deepest apology for trying to support your franchise. Right now I am ANGRY and terrible UPSET at the (SO CALLED SERVICE I RECEIVED). I was not asking for a hand-out I was Paying and apparently Over-Paid for YOUR HARSH TREATMENT and NOW YOU OWE ME A REFUND. I HOPE THAT NO ONE WHO SUPPORTS YOUR BUSINESS ENCOUNTER THIS KIND OF TREATMENT IN THE FUTURE. GOOD BYE POPEYES – UNHAPPY AND ANGRY IN NORTH CAROLINA

  83. G.Willett says

    I bought the three piece chicken dinner. It says customer choice I opted for two breasts and a thigh’
    I was told the breasts were seventy five cents each. Ok..rice and beans.. two thirds of a cup beans and very little rilce.. my wife wanted the big shrimp. I asked how many shrimp in the dinner , eight was the reply,with order of mash potatoes and gravy ..two thirds mash potato and a tablespoon of gravy if that much. and the biscuits were tuff…and the the wife gets to the shrimp,so much batter and so little shrimp..she was very unhappy. But the chicken was awesome.alittle more spice. but pretty good.

  84. Embrey Parker says

    I love that chicken at POP-EYES!!!!! The code is NOT a SCAM, it is real, but you have to pay attention to what your doing. I will go back again. The service is good and the food is too.

  85. Embrey Parker says

    I love that chicken at POP-EYES!!!!!! will be going back to get more every chance I get. The code for a free meal is all good too people. Just pay attention to what you’re doing and you’ll receive a free meal if you buy a large drink!!!!!!

  86. LEE PORTER says

    i would like to give a thank you very much for store numcber 2157 the manager nick made my vist a ok popeyes need more people like nick to keep people coming back for good food and graet service i thank you nick you made my day

  87. Haeri Tamayo says


    OK, so after the survey, the validation code is given. However, there is a significance to the code. For example, let’s say your code is 11081401234.

    The first two digits indicate the month (11=November), the next two indicate the day of the month (08), then the next two indicate the year (14). Then, the following five digits indicate the store number. If the store number is four digits long, there is a zero to fill in for the first of five digits. EX. Store number 1234 -> 01234. Now, you have the code:11081401234.

    Now, you can just look at the date of purchase on your receipt and formulate your code from there. It comes in handy if you want to complete more than one offer per month. Hope this helps!

  88. Vanita Sue Forrest says

    Your NEW store needs HELP SOON. Send a seasoned manager, and a knowledgeable cook . We had two simple orders. First order got an extra piece of chicken. Second order was an order of 3 pieces of chicken a side of Cajon rice, which they said was the same as the old dirty rice which I loved. My husband ordered an extra side of beans and rice. We were given a receipt for the first order but not the second order. The extra piece of chicken was on the first order #77 at 11:15 AM Sun. Jan 04, 2015, Ours was the next order, I assume #78. The Cajon ice had little if ANY spice and was as dry as Phoenix, in the summer.
    Then I pealed skin off the chicken thigh to give my dog a piece of real meat, good I looked, there was 1/8th a teaspoon of red pepper in that one bite, I cleaned that off, ate the underneath meat and was thankful I did not take a bite with out pealing off the batter. Then I gave him what looked like a safe bite, it took him 5 minutes to decide to walk away and leave it. later he must of eaten it as it was gone when I came back to clean up the mess. Then on your survey It told me I did not answer question 2 about satisfaction, I did over and over, and over saying dissatisfied. I even tried other answers and they did not work either. I went on over saw a page with a coupon supposedly on it and it printed the picture only, no words, then I highlighted the words of the coupon and it printed that, so I thought if I take the picture page and the coupon information page, it would work, and then I noticed the printer was printing and printing and still printing peoples statements as to how they liked their visit to a store some place from all over the USA. By the way, you need a better programmer. I use high quality paper and ink. By the time I could yank out the rest of the blank paper it had printed 18 pages and no coupon at all. People sometimes enjoy reading a few comments, buy I doubt that they want to pay for printing all you have even been given. I yanked the new paper out at 18 copies, I hate to think how many it might have printed! The programmer needs to also address that problem. The reason I mentioned that we did not get a receipt on the second order is that my husband’s extra order, which he repeated 2 times, still his order of rice and beans was not included in the order. No pun intended in the first of this writing about seasoned, but you are seriously in need of experienced trainers at this new store before they have zero return customers. We have enjoyed Popeye’s for many yeas and this is the first one that has been near our home. PLEASE get them some real help SOON before we decide not to come again. We realize it is new and they are basically in training, but please send help soon. Vanita Sue

    • Vanita Sue Forrest says

      I just did, above. You do need a better programmer! One of the comments I paid to copy mentioned a problem about giving the correct amount of change if a refund is requested. That is a common problem
      that any good teacher could teach a group in an hour, repeat one on one 5 minute sessions 2-4 times will save you money and unhappy customers. It is not difficult at all. Even making accurate change from a cash drawer not using computerized information. For your sake and our sanity please teach cashiers how to make change from the ticket and actually using their brain. From: (A good math teacher.) Vanita Sue

  89. Sharqura Staley says

    The ghost pepper wings are great I wish they will keep them as a regular menu item I get them every time I go there!!!! LOVE THEM!!!!!

  90. Camille Russell says

    Just got screwed out of the validation code and put in some sort of sweepstakes based on my phone number. Call me and tell me the friggin’ code for the free chicken or I tell the entire neighborhood and friends what a scam you have going!

  91. jmgrigg says

    I have been trying for over an hour to get the promo code for validation! Every site I try refuses to finish anything!

  92. melvinbrown says

    I have been eating popeyes since a young boy love that chicken from popeyes it is truly the taste of new orleans keep up the good work in serving nola for many years and years to come.

  93. Shenitha a Jenkins says

    I love popeyes chicken and red beans and rices, please dont forget the apple pies. Thank you for being in my neighborhood.4 th Ward. MRS. RED

  94. A.M. says

    I just purchased food from your location in Minneapolis, MN. I went home to do the survey for the meal offer because I saw an advertisement on the counter there. When I called the number on the back of my receipt your recording kept saying the store number is invalid. I called the store to be sure I was entering the correct information and they were of no help at all. Your sales clerk went as far as telling me that I must have used this receipt before when I just made my purchase only ten minutes prior.

    So, how does a person get the offer and complete the survey if the system is not processing the call and the store clerks are not willing to assist you? I have tried your meals on various occasions and have had very poor service. I have tried to be fair with my concerns which is my reason for repeating purchases. There is only so much mistreatment a person can tolerate as a customer who is spending their money. Poor customer service and business practices:( creates another lost customer which mean more lost dollars. FYI, they can add up and become a big profit lost to your company in the long run. Store clerks need to learn better people skills.

  95. John says

    I was craving Popeye’s “Dirty Rice”. I had a fish dinner with a new blackened tarter sauce and a buttered honey biscuit with my dirty rice craving.

    Very good chow.


  96. Mr. Michael Phelps says

    Had a awesome experience at Popeyes on Landover Rd. Ms. Johnson and crew were very polite and happy to serve any and all customers in the store. Ms Robin was my server who was a very welcoming and pleasent person to incounter. I was very pleased about the whole experience and me and son talked about it all the way home and we will be going back tomorrow. Thanks Ms. Johnson, Ms. Robin and the entire Popeyes crew for a wonderful deal and meal.

  97. Mick Cole says

    I live 75 miles from the popeyes I go to ,but every time I get to town, its the place I go to first. I can;t even eat chicken that;s not spicy anymore!

  98. Gayla Redric says

    I love the spicy, not all Popeye’s make it like it started out, please bring spicy back to all locations

  99. Steve says

    I came across this page by searching for Popeyes survey code since I did the online version and I also didn’t get a code. I just called the number and did the survey which was shorter than the online one. It seemed like it skipped some questions but it still gave me a code. The code is just the date of your visit and the store number.



  101. Juanita Tolbert says

    I ordered 2 pieces of spicy chicken at your location on S.Cobb Dr. in Smyrna. I got plain & returned to correct the order. The cook refused to correct my order with 2 pieces. I got 1 piece.

    This is not good customer relations. I will not return to that store #11090

  102. robert says

    the chicken at popeyes is undercooked at times with to much batter and not enough chicken also the one on cedar isn’t clean with sticky floors and sticky tables plus fly’s everywhere and the workers aren’t clean I had to return chicken again and received nothing but lip from the manager who is old enough to no better I mean old! its not my fault she still works fast food at her age

  103. joyce c. says

    My entire family are your biggest fans. not a week goes by without getting Popeyes chicken – spicy of course. it has always been a great experience except for this week…… when we finally got to order our food, about 15-20 minutes in line. When ordering our chicken it was not hot, they were out of most of their spicy chicken, and they were out of all soft drinks and only had tea (which we do not drink). needless to say we were very disappointed but we love your chicken and we will return again. Not normal visit to Popeyes!

  104. wendell l. wiley says

    My visit was on a day that they have a special offer at the restaurant being that I’m on a more than tight budget. But service even at the lunch hour was fast and courteous my two piece special was hot and very tasty really ,it was. Great job,Girls and Guys!

  105. charles martinez says

    I went to popeyes on july 29 at 11;57 am the service was great all had nice smiles popeyes is my favorite place to eat chicken store #7141order#567

  106. david says

    I went to popoeyes in florida ,got treated badley took survey and they told me I had to go back to the same restaurant that’s impossible I should be able to go to any popeyes! I hope some one reads this from popeyes and gets back to me.

  107. Elaine Wellington says

    All you need to do is answer the survey and they will give you a code # to put on the top of your Receipt. when you go back to get your dinner make sure you saved it show the cashiers. the # to call is 1-800-682-0219 .

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