5 Best Coupon Clipping Services for Extreme Couponing

Check out these 5 top coupon clipping services for extreme couponing and everyday grocery shopping discounts.

Coupon clipping services collect, clip, and organize coupons to provide shoppers with access to a huge variety of savings on groceries and other brand-name products.

By using coupon clipping services, you can get access to many product coupons that you might not find in your local newspaper.

You can search these coupon clipping websites for discounts on the products that you want to purchase, and then order your coupons for delivery via mail.

You pay for the coupon clipping service with fees that range from 5 cents to 50 cents per coupon with an average price of about 10 cents per coupon.

About Extreme Couponing

The Extreme Couponing television show on TLC shows how professional couponers utilize coupon clipping services to maximize their grocery store savings by combining manufacturer coupons with store sales and other shopping tactics.

However, you don’t have to be an extreme couponer to take advantage of coupon clipping services.

Simply buy coupons for only the items you need, and then enjoy extra savings by matching your coupons with your local store sales.

5 Best Coupon Clipping Services

These are some of the most popular coupon clipping services that provide customers with fast delivery of a wide variety of grocery store coupons.

Coupon Dede’s

Coupons & Things by Dede offers whole coupon inserts and clipped coupons with fast service to meet all of your coupon needs. Coupons & Things by Dede started out as a small eBay store specializing in coupon clipping when her local stores stopped doubling and tripling coupons, and now she has developed into an extreme couponing empire.

The Coupon Clippers

The Coupon Clippers claims to be the nation’s largest online grocery coupon clipping service that offers more than a million national-brand coupons at any given time.

West Coast Coupon Clipping

West Coast Coupon Clipping is a coupon clipping service based in Pasco, WA. They are family owned and operated.

Jacks Cards and Coupons

Jacks Cards and Coupons is one of the best online grocery coupon clipping services with a huge selection of manufacturers coupons that can easily lower your grocery bill.

The Coupon Carry-Out

The Coupon Carry-Out service is an Ohio-based grocery coupon clipping service with free USPS first-class shipping on orders of $15 or more. You can save 10% off your first order at The Coupon Carry-Out with the promotional code SAVETODAY.

Take advantage of these coupon clipping services for grocery store savings and brand-name product discounts.

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Use coupon clipping services to save extra money on your everyday grocery shopping.


  1. Tammy says

    West Coast Clipping re opened their website 3/2013. They are no longer working with Coupon Flea Market.


  2. rose says

    I use the following coupon clipping service because they have Manufacturers coupons, personalized bundles and always free shipping

    www dot roses-one-stop-coupon-shop dot com

  3. Sherry says

    www dot dottiescouponsandmore dot com

    Dotties Coupons are great…Very quick turnaround time..They are based out of Texas and offer a rewards program.

  4. mike says


    We are coupon clippers. One of the biggest in the New York area. We have over 2000 books of whatever coupon book comes out every week. We get them in 5-6 days before the sunday they are supposed to come out and list them as soon as we get them in.

    We have a promo right now, all coupons are flat rate of $0.10. No limit to how many you can buy or no minimum order. same day delivery!

    www dot WeCouponClip dot com

  5. robyn hauser says

    Half these clippers listed no longer exist , the coupon master has been gone for a while it seems now and I used to use them as my first choice the www coupons ands form . com

    • says

      Hello robyn,

      Thank you for that information about The Coupon Master. We have replaced that service in our list with another one of our favorites.

      Thanks, Max

  6. Leslie trent says

    I need.toknowere would I get coupons for path mart, Acme giants, stores . national food products. And paper goods, soap &laundry detergents. Philadelphia. PA Help. Thanks.

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