STARZ and ENCORE Movie Channel $25 Cash Back Bonus Offer

The STARZ and ENCORE movie channels are currently offering a $25, $50, or $100 cash back bonus each when you sign up for STARZ and/or ENCORE.

You’ll earn a $25, $50, or $100 cash back rebate each when you sign up for STARZ and ENCORE with your local cable, satellite, or telephone company provider.

Check out this STARZ and ENCORE Bonus Offer and this alternative ENCORE Promo Page to earn a rebate when you sign up for the STARZ and ENCORE movie channels.

This offer is available for new customers in the United States only.

To receive your cash back rebate, you must:

1. Sign up for STARZ and/or ENCORE by the given expiration date on the promo page for your cable provider.

2. Complete the rebate form, which can be found through the above promotional link.

3. You must then mail your completed rebate form with copies of your first qualifying month’s paid billing statements.

The rebate form is not redeemable for cash, is not negotiable, and is valid only when accompanied by proof of purchase.

This offer may not be combined with other offers, is limited to 1 rebate per household or address during the offer period, and is only available to legal U.S. residents who are new subscribers of Starz during the offer period through local cable, satellite, or telco providers.

A minimum number of months with a paid subscription is required to receive the Starz rebate.

The name and address on your rebate form must match the name and address on the billing statement.

Allow 60 days for delivery of the cash back bonus.

Take advantage of this STARZ and ENCORE cash rebate bonus offer when you sign up for the STARZ and/or ENCORE movie channel today.

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You may also be interested in this $100 DIRECTV Sign-Up Bonus Offer when you sign up for DIRECTV satellite TV service.

Sign up for STARZ and ENCORE today to get a cash back rebate offer.


  1. Terran Lovewave says

    I cannot find the Starz 2011 $25.00 cashback offer form
    on your site. Can you direct me there?
    Thank you,
    directv customer for 14 years


      I signed up for Starz and Encore on my new AT&T U-verse service in December, 2013 and I was told I could get a $25 rebate but I cannot find the form. AT&T is not listed in the service provider options from the Starz website. How do I get the rebate form then?

      • connie booton says

        i had at&t u-verse service installed june 2014.i have starz & do i get the 25$ rebate forms?

    • shirley meister says

      i signed up with ATT uverse for TV U300 which included starz and encore. I just now have 3 months statements to send in for my 25.00 rebate for each of these. How can I find the correct rebate form for each starz and encore.

  2. Danny Woods says

    I would like my $25 cash back bonus mailed to me at 6562 maplewood Rd Apt. 202 Mayfield Hts. Ohio 44124, which I order from my telephone provider AT&T U-verse.

  3. Janet Shanks says

    I need the form to apply for my rebate for Starz, which I have through AT&T since May 15th. Can you tell me where that form is located? Thank you,

  4. Stacey says

    All of you guys that have emailed asking where to find your rebate of $25.00 need to read above…3rd paragraph on the right side of the page…. underlined $25 Starz Bonus Offer click on it and it gives you the form to print out and mail

    Hope this helps!

  5. melissa says

    If I have to have 2 month bills with starz on it,then how do I get my 25.00 cash back rebate.your offer ends dec.31 and this is the first of dec,and I just recieved starz programming.

  6. Olivia Kirkwood says

    I mailed my $50.00 rebate for Starz and on core and have never received my rebate. My son mailed his 2 weeks after mine and he has already got his. What I s the deal. I have moved but the post office is forwarding all my mail.
    Please email me with what is going on with my money

  7. Tanika Washington says

    Need help, looking for the Starz rebate form for the $100 gift card, anyone knows where its listed? Ordered starz in August.

  8. Steve Baber says

    Signed up for AT&T Uverse and Starz on 1/9/15. Was told that there is a $25 rebate available for the new Starz installation. Can not find the appropriate rebate form. Any help?

  9. Eric Dickason says

    Likewise. ATT not list on the promo link above as a provider for the $25 rebate. That was part of my deal signing up for ATT Uverse. Please help.

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