Capital One 360 Black Friday Sale 2014 Bonus Offers

The Capital One 360 Black Friday Sale offers special promotions on a variety of Capital One 360 accounts from Friday, November 28th, through Monday, December 1, 2014.

Expired Offers: The 2014 Black Friday sale has ended, but hopefully, it will return again in 2015.

The Black Friday Sale offers exclusive bonuses on different Capital One 360 accounts including 360 Checking and 360 Savings.

Current Capital One 360 Black Friday Bonuses

  • 360 Checking $100 Bonus
  • 360 Savings $100 Bonus
  • Refer a Friend and Get $40
  • ShareBuilder $150 or up to $1,250
  • Home Loans $1,250 Off Closing Costs

1. 360 Checking $100 Bonus

Open a fee-free 360 Checking Account between November 28th and December 1st.

Make an initial deposit of at least $250

Complete 5 Debit Card purchases, deposit checks from anywhere with CheckMate, or any combo of both within 45 days.

Snag your $100 bonus on day 50.

This has to be your (or your joint account holder’s) first 360 Checking Account (including Electric Orange checking).

The 5 Debit Card purchases can either be signature or PIN-based.

Your $100 bonus will be automatically deposited into your account on day 50.

2. 360 Savings $100 Bonus

Open a no-fee 360 Savings Account between November 28th and December 1st with an initial deposit of $1000 or more.

Snag a bonus of $100.

This has to be your (or your joint account holder’s) first 360 Savings Account (including Orange savings Accounts).

The bonus starts earning interest on day 1, but you can’t take it out for at least 30 days.

This account must be funded from a source outside of Capital One 360. In other words, your initial deposit can not be transferred from an existing Capital One 360 account.

3. Refer a Friend and Get $40

Refer friends and family between Nov. 28th and Dec. 1st.

Earn a $40 bonus for every friend you refer who opens an account between Nov. 28th and Dec. 1st (your pal will earn a bonus, too).

4. ShareBuilder $150 or up to $1,250

Get $150 when you open and fund your first account with $5,000.

Have more to invest? Get up to $1,250.

Open your first Capital One ShareBuilder account or a new IRA between November 28th and December 1st.

Make a deposit, transfer and/or rollover into your new account within 90 days.

The more you add, the bigger your bonus.

Assets must be valued at no less than $5,000 to be eligible for a $150 bonus; $15,000 for a $250 bonus; $50,000 for a $450 bonus; $125,000 for a $750 bonus; or $250,000 for a $1,250 bonus.

5. Home Loans $1,250 Off Closing Costs

Between Nov. 28th and Dec. 1st apply for a mortgage (purchase or refinance) online or by calling 1-855-238-8750.

Work with your own dedicated Mortgage Loan Officer throughout the process.

Receive $1,250 off your closing costs when your loan closes.

Visit for the full details about all of these promotions.

These 2014 Capital One 360 Black Friday promotional bonuses will only be available between 12:01 AM EST on Friday, November 28th and 11:59 PM EST on Monday, December 1, 2014.

Take advantage of these Black Friday Capital One 360 promotional deals.

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Enjoy these Black Friday deals from Capital One 360 for some incredible offers.


  1. Ing user says

    I do not get this. They are offering $30 as a referral bonus to the referrer if the referred person deposits $250 for a new account. The new account owner will get $25.

    On the other hand they are offering $103 for new accounts.

    Why would anyone consider the referral email in such a case?
    Watsay guys?

    • Gina says

      Ing User,

      I signed up for Capital One 360 through this link a couple of days ago

      Yesterday I was told yesterday by Capital One cs rep that I would receive the $30 for the checking account, same as the referee. I am not sure if the timing (near Black Friday) had anything to do with it though.

  2. says

    Hello Ing user,

    The referral bonus offer is available for both checking and savings accounts, while the $103 bonus is for checking accounts only.

    So if you wanted to open a regular savings account, you would only have the one bonus option (unless you opened the kid savings account).

    In addition, the $103 checking account bonus has a debit card purchase requirement, which the checking account referral option does not.

    So if you didn’t want to make debit card purchases, you would be better off with the checking referral promotion, even though it’s less reward money.

    I hope this helps and good luck. Max

  3. Wang says

    if anyone still need a referral code, please email to me at

    maidongxi2 at gmail dot com
    Give me your first name and last name, I will send you the referral code right away!!!

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