Capital One 360 Doubles Referral Bonus to $20 for Limited Time

Capital One 360 has doubled their referral bonus for current customers to $20 for a limited time.

Current Capital One 360 customers usually earn $10 per referral, but you will now earn $20 for each new person that you refer who opens a new Capital One 360 account.

Capital One 360 has increased the amount they pay you to $20 (from the usual $10) for every person you refer who opens an account.

Just log in to your Capital One 360 account and visit the Refer A Friend section.

You can refer your friends via Facebook, Twitter, email, and through your unique Capital One 360 Referral Link that you can share with your friends.

Your friends can then choose which account they’d like to open.

Your $20 bonus will be deposited as interest income as soon as your friend opens the account.

Bonuses for 360 Savings are only paid if the account is opened with at least $250.

You can send as many referrals as you like, but you can only receive bonuses for up to 50 people who open an account as a new customer.

Read all about the Capital One 360 Referral Program for additional details about the bonus promotions available to new customers.

Take advantage of this Capital One 360 double referral bonus for a limited time.


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