Chase Paperless Statements $5 Sign-Up Bonus for Targeted Chase Banking Customers

Chase Bank is offering a $5 sign-up bonus for targeted Chase banking customers who register for Chase Paperless Statements by April 30, 2013.

If you currently receive your Chase banking statements by mail, make sure that you check your envelope carefully to see if you receive a special coupon for this $5 Chase Paperless Statements bonus.

The fine print on the coupon indicates that this offer is non-transferable, so it looks like you need to receive the coupon with your statement in order to register and receive the $5 bonus.

However, if you currently receive paper statements, you can always attempt to qualify for this offer by registering for paperless statements and hoping for the best, or you could contact Chase Bank to see if your account will qualify for this promotion, just in case you missed the coupon or to see if Chase is willing to extend the offer to your account.

I just received my coupon on February 25th, so yours might come in the mail soon if you are destined to receive one.

Qualified accounts must visit by April 30, 2013, to sign up for Chase Paperless Statements and receive the $5 bonus.

Fine Print from Chase Paperless Statements Coupon

Chase Savings Coupon 1

Chase Paperless Statements Bonus

To qualify for the bonus, you must sign up for Chase Paperless Statements between February 1st and April 30, 2013.

The bonus will be automatically deposited into your Chase account within 6 weeks of signing up for Paperless Statements.

This offer is non-transferable.

There is a limit of 1 bonus per customer, per calendar year.

Chase Paperless Statements allow you to receive and print up to 7 years of statements online, and you’ll help save trees and energy by saving paper, plus it helps Chase Bank save money, so that’s why they’re willing to give you the $5 bonus.

Check your Chase Bank statements in the mail for a special coupon to receive this $5 bonus when you register for Paperless Statements today.

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Sign up for Chase Paperless Statements if you receive a coupon to get this $5 bonus offer.


  1. bob says

    Well, I went paperless but when I pushed for the $5 reward, the computer said, can’t do.
    Hum, kinda bait and badger, isn’t?

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