Capital One 360 Checking Account $50 Bonus – This Offer is No Longer Valid

Capital One 360 is offering a $50 bonus when you open a new 360 Checking account and make 3 debit card purchases or Person2Person Payments within 45 days.

Expired Offer: This offer is no longer valid.

Just click through this $50 360 Checking Account Bonus Link, open your new account, and make qualifying transactions to receive a $50 cash reward.

Customers who open a new 360 Checking account through the special $50 promo link will be eligible to receive a $50 bonus.

The bonus will be directly deposited into your account when you make 3 debit card purchases or Person2Person Payments (or any combo of the two) in the first 45 days after your account has been opened.

Here’s How To Get Your $50 Capital One 360 Checking Bonus

1. Click through the $50 360 Checking Link.

2. Click on “Apply Now.”

3. Open your 360 Checking account and make a total of 3 debit card purchases or Person2Person Payments (or any combo of the two) within 45 days of account opening.

4. Your $50 bonus will automatically be deposited into your account on day 50.

About Capital One 360 Checking

Capital One 360 Checking accounts have no fees.

You’ll get free access to over 35,000 ATMs and also have the ability to send money to friends and family via P2P Payments.

Take advantage of this Capital One 360 Checking bonus to get a $50 cash reward.

You can also get a $25 Capital One 360 Savings Account Bonus or a Capital One 360 Checking referral bonus with no debit card purchase requirements.

Sign up for your 360 Checking account bonus from Capital One 360 today.


  1. Jen says

    This was posted awhile ago, but I just wanted anyone who finds this article to be aware that you do need a reference code or you will not automatically get the bonus. I used the link above and signed up right after this was posted. I did not get the bonus automatically, I had to write to them and let them know I didn’t get it. They deposited the money, then told me the reason they had t make this “exeption” because there was no reference code entered when the account was open. I replied, thanking them for the money but also quoting the article above, and wanted to make them aware there are ads all over the net saying that ING does not require a reference code to get the bonus.

    Not many problems with the account itself, although they did decline a debit card purchase once, and claimed it was because I selected “savings” instead of “checking” – which is impossible for me to do since all I did was give the card to the cashier to swipe.

  2. says

    Hello Jen,

    As far as I know, you absolutely do not need a reference code to receive the bonus when you apply through the above links.

    If you click on the above promo links, then click Apply Now, and then select “I’m new to ING DIRECT,” you will be directed to the application form, where you should see this information posted at the top of the page:

    “Use your Card to make at least 3 signature-based purchases within the first 45 days. After you do that, your $50 Bonus will be automatically paid to your Electric Orange, 50 days after your account has been opened.”

    If this above information about the bonus does appear, then you will not see a box available to enter the reference code (which usually appears on the right side below the “How did you find out about us?” pull-down menu on this same first page of the application).

    If you see the quoted info about the bonus and you don’t see the reference code box available, then you should be all set to receive the bonus when you complete the application to open your account and meet the qualifications.

    Sometimes, if you don’t complete the application directly through the above promo links, and you click previous page on your browser, go back and forth between the application page, or otherwise indirectly access the application page, you may reach the application page without the quoted info about the bonus where the reference code box does appear.

    If that’s the case, then you may not get the bonus, because the cookies or URL tracking have not been activated correctly.

    The above promotional links are actually provided directly from the ING Direct affiliate program, so ING Direct is the one that indicated that customers who apply through these links do not need a reference code to receive the $50 bonus.

    I am going to directly contact them in regards to this matter to clarify the issue further, but at the time that the promotion was started, you were not supposed to need a reference code to qualify.

    It’s possible that your application process did not access the bonus properly, as I indicated above, or that some other issue occurred with ING Direct.

    However, the above article is correct as far as ING Direct has indicated, and anybody that applies and sees the quoted information about the bonus being applied to their account, should receive the $50 reward.

    You’re also the first person that has indicated any issues, and this article has been live for months, so unless ING Direct has changed their policy on this promotion (which wouldn’t make sense as you said you applied right when the article was posted), I would guess that it was an individual issue with your account.

    Either way, I will contact ING Direct to confirm the issue and report back here when I receive an answer.

    Thank you very much for your comment, and I am sorry that you had issues with receiving your bonus.

    If anybody else has applied and received the bonus, or applied and had a problem, please leave a comment letting us know.

    Thank you again, Max

  3. Sam says

    It’s been almost 3 months and I am yet to receive the bonus. I guess it’s time to call and ask for it. It gets annoying after a while always needing to follow up to get a bonus.

    • says

      Hello Jeffrey Z,

      The 360 Savings Account $25 bonus through the referral program does require an initial deposit of at least $250 in order to qualify for the bonus.

      I want this to be clear for other readers who may click through your referral link, as you stated “no minimum account balance required.”

      There is no minimum account balance required to avoid any type of fees, as this is a maintenance fee-free account.

      However, there is an initial minimum balance of $250 required to get the $25 bonus for the savings account.

      Just wanted that to be clear. Thanks for commenting. Max

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