M&I Cash Back Checking $150 Banking Bonus Offer through June 17, 2011

M&I Bank is currently offering up to $150 in banking bonuses when you open an M&I Cash Back Checking account by June 17, 2011, and complete qualifying actions.

Update: The online version of this promotion has expired. However, I personally received a code in the mail for this promo that is valid through July 29, 2011. The promo code is 11311264. The offer is for the same terms as below. The promo code may only be valid for a single use, so if you use this code, please leave a comment indicating so below this article.

This M&I Bank bonus is available in Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, and Wisconsin.

You’ll earn up to $150 from M&I Bank when you complete the following actions within 60 days:

1. Earn $50 for 5 qualifying check card purchases.

2. Earn $50 for 2 direct deposits (ACH).

3. Earn $50 for 3 online bill payments.

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M&I Bank Checking Promotional Details

This offer is not available to households who already have an M&I Bank checking account or that have had a checking account within the last 60 days.

Your account will be reviewed 60 days after opening to see if you qualify for the cash bonuses.

The cash award will be paid within 2 weeks of that review if the requirements have been met: $50 for 5 qualifying check card purchases; $50 for 2 ACH direct deposits; and $50 for 3 online bill payments.

This offer applies to new M&I Cash Back Checking accounts only with no exceptions.

Only 1 award will be provided per household every 12 months.

This offer cannot be combined with other offers.

If your account is closed within 6 months of account opening, M&I Bank reserves the right to deduct any cash award from the account.

There is a $50 minimum opening deposit.

Qualifying check card purchases include all net signature-based purchases processed over the Visa network. Purchases authorized with a PIN or ATM transactions do not apply.

Take advantage of this M&I Bank bonus reward to get up to $150 in banking cash with an M&I Cash Back Checking account.

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