Opening Capital One 360 Checking Account To Get $100 Bonus

Since it’s the last day of the Capital One 360 Financial Independence Days Sale, I could no longer resist and had to open a new 360 Checking Account in order to earn the $100 bonus.

This $100 360 Checking Account Bonus is extremely easy to achieve, since you just have to make a total of 5 Debit Card purchases or CheckMate deposits (or any combo of the two) within 45 days of opening your account to get your $100 bonus.

I actually have 5 checks sitting on my desk that I’ve been meaning to deposit in person at my local bank, so I figured it would be the perfect way to qualify for this bonus, since I won’t even need to make any debit card purchases.

Their CheckMate service allows you to deposit checks into your account from your computer or their mobile app, so it’s really convenient and can help you avoid unnecessary visits to the bank.

Plus, they’re even running a promotion to Double Your Dough, so you can deposit a check with CheckMate for a chance to win double the amount, up to $3,000, running through July 18, 2013.

Even if you don’t have checks to cash via CheckMate, you can still make 5 simple debit card purchases for any amount to qualify, so you could easily just spend $1 or less per purchase and get the $100 bonus.

There is no minimum deposit requirement in order to earn the bonus either (there was some language on the promo page initially that indicated a $500 minimum deposit requirement, but that language has since been removed, and I have confirmed with Capital One 360 that there is no minimum deposit requirement to earn the $100 bonus).

I’ve had a Capital One 360 Savings Account for a very long time, and if you are already a Capital One 360 account holder, then the application process for a new 360 Checking Account is very fast and simple (it took me less than 2 minutes).

However, this has to be your first 360 Checking Account in order to qualify for the $100 bonus.

You can review the rest of the Capital One 360 Financial Independence Days Sale Promotions as well, but today is the last day that they will be available, so act fast if you want to get in on the action.

Once it’s over, you can always get the standard 360 Checking Bonus, which has even easier requirements, but this $100 bonus is as high as I’ve seen available, so if you want to open an account, now is the time to do it.

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