U.S. Bank Cash Bonus Check Card with Free Checking Account

Open a U.S. Bank free personal checking account, and you’ll get a free U.S. Bank Cash Bonus Check Card that earns up to 25% cash back at many brand-name merchants.

The Cash Bonus Visa Check Card from U.S. Bank is available for free with any U.S. Bank personal checking account including Free Checking with Interest accounts and Student Checking accounts, both of which have no monthly maintenance fees, no minimum balance requirement, and no direct deposit requirement.

The U.S. Bank Cash Bonus Check Card is free with your checking account, and you’ll earn up to a 25% cash rebate at top merchants when you shop online through the Cash Bonus Partner Center as well as for in-store and phone purchases with your check card.

You can redeem your cash rewards at anytime once you have earned at least $5, and you’ll earn cash rebates at a wide range of merchants including:

5% at AceHardware.com.
28% on AMC Entertainment Movie Tickets.
5% on Avis car rentals.
Up to 3% at BLOCKBUSTER.
4% at Barnes&Noble.com.
Up to 2% at Exxon Mobil.
2% at Expedia.com.

Plus, there are many other Participating U.S. Bank Retailers where you can earn cash bonuses with your U.S. Bank cash rewards check card.

The Cash Bonus Visa Check Card is only one of the U.S. Bank check cards available in the Checking that Pays Rewards Program, which allows you to earn rewards through your personal checking account by making non-PIN purchases with your check card.

Personal checking account customers can choose from a selection of U.S. Bank Rewards Check Cards including merchandise rewards cards, travel rewards cards, and check cards that are attached to various organizations and universities.

However, the Cash Bonus Visa Check Card makes it easy to get cash rebates at many different merchants and service providers, and it’s a convenient option to receive cash rewards with your personal checking account.

Open a U.S. Bank Personal Checking Account today to get access to a free Cash Bonus Visa Check Card and earn up to 25% or more in cash rebates at participating U.S. Bank merchants.

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Check out the U.S. Bank rewards check cards to earn cash rebates, travel rewards, merchandise, and more when you open a free checking account with U.S. Bank.

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