U.S. Bank up to $150 Bonus for Consumer Checking Accounts – Open Nationwide

Power Up Your Summer with U.S. Bank to earn up to $150 when you open a new consumer checking account and set up a direct deposit OR make 3 bill pay transactions, valid through September 14, 2014.

I just found this U.S. Bank promotion being advertised while searching Google, so I’m especially excited to be the first person to post about this offer, because this offer is available nationally, they only perform a soft pull, and you can fund your new account with a credit card for up to $500.

U.S. Bank Accounts Available throughout U.S.A.

According to the customer service rep that I chatted with, people are welcome to apply for a checking or savings account with U.S. Bank from any state, so this offer should be open nationally.

Soft Pull to Open U.S. Bank Checking Account

The rep also indicated that when you open a checking account, U.S. Bank will perform a soft pull to verify your identity and address, and it will not show on your credit report.

Use Credit Card to Fund U.S. Bank Checking Account

The rep also said that you can absolutely use a credit card to fund a new account (up to $500), including a U. S. Bank credit card, and it will process faster.

The opening deposit limit is $500, and if you use a U. S. Bank credit card, the opening deposit will NOT be considered a cash advance and will NOT have the higher APR.

You can also fund new accounts using another bank account, debit card, or credit card from another issuer, and the limit for all options is $500.

After the opening deposit, you can make regular deposits into the account either by visiting the branch, from another bank electronically, or if you want to deposit cash from a U.S. bank credit card (or another issuer’s card), it will be a cash advance at a higher APR rate in the future (at least for U.S. Bank cards).

4 Steps To Get $150 Bonus

1. Visit usbankpowerup.com/offer and enter your ZIP code to get a Promo Code (or use promo code 150POWR for full $150 bonus).

2. Visit the U.S. Bank Promotional Page and enter your Promo Code in Step 1 (use promo code 150POWR for $150 bonus).

3. Open your new U.S. Bank checking account by September 14, 2014 (online, in branch, or by phone).

4. To receive your cash bonus, complete direct deposits totaling $500 OR complete 3 or more online bill pay transactions by October 31, 2014.

Varying Bonus Amounts – Up to $150

The amount of bonus money that you receive will be based on the promo code that you get when you complete the online form (see Step 1), so the bonus amounts may vary between different people, regions, etc.

I’ve created promo codes for both $150 and $125 that you can use below:

Promo Code 150POWR = $150 bonus.

Promo Code 125POWR = $125 bonus.

Alternatively, you can also Text “MySummer” To 40691 to get a promo code sent directly to your phone.

U.S. Bank Promotional Details

You must open a new U.S. Bank Consumer Checking Account (excluding Student Checking) between July 14th and September 12, 2014, and present the promotion code provided.

Additionally, you must complete Direct Deposits totaling at least $500 OR complete 3 or more Online Bill Pay transactions by October 31, 2014.

The cash bonus will be deposited into your new Checking Account within 60 days of Direct Deposit or Bill Pay verification, as long as your account is open and does not have a negative balance.

The bonus will be reported as interest earned on IRS form 1099-INT and you are responsible for any applicable taxes.

This offer may not be combined with any other Checking Account cash bonus offers, is not valid if you have received a Checking Account cash bonus in 2014, or if you have an existing U.S. Bank Checking Account.

U.S. Bank Checking Fees

A minimum deposit of $25 is required to open a U.S. Bank Checking Account.

For the Easy Checking Account, the fee is waived when you have either a combined monthly direct deposit totaling $1,000 OR you maintain an average account balance of $1,500.

Take advantage of this U.S. Bank promotional offer for up to a $150 bank bonus when you open a new personal checking account from U.S. Bank.

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  1. john mccann says

    So far,so good. Called the 800 # and spoke with a very courteous and knowledgeable lady. I had an account with them before about 5 years ago and still qualify.

    • john mccann says

      UPDATE: After opening the account I received my $150 bonus in one week. Only had to complete 3 online bill pays of $5 each. Waitin’ to win that car!

  2. Julia says

    Thank you for posting this great offer. I opened an acct for myself, my dad, and my mom. I hope we qualify if we live in the same household. We opened our accts online and received acct numbers right away. The application was super easy. Will update once we get our bonuses. Thanks again!

  3. JIMMY says

    Holy cow. I opened my account online with $500. transfer from another bank. I used the promo code “150powr” even though my zip code said I was eligible for a $50. promo bonus. I.received the VISA debit card and PIN a week later, and a week after that, my $150. was credited to my new account. I have yet to make any bill pay. Maybe the Bill Pay is no longer a requirement? Thanks MAX!

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