WaMu Free Checking Account $100 Banking Bonus Offer from Chase

The WaMu Free Checking account offers a $100 banking bonus when you open a new WaMu checking account by March 28, 2009.

Important Update: The WaMu Free Checking promotion has been updated. Check out these new WaMu Promotional Offers.

You must open your WaMu Free Checking account with a minimum opening deposit of $100, and you must initiate a monthly direct deposit within 60 days to qualify for the $100 bank bonus.

Your $100 WaMu bonus will be deposited into your account within 12 weeks after your initial direct deposit.

Washington Mutual is now a division of JPMorgan Chase Bank, so this offer is similar to previous Chase banking bonus offers provided by the Chase Free Checking account.

The WaMu Free Checking bonus is limited to 1 bonus per household.

In order to receive this WaMu bonus offer, you must print out the WaMu Free Checking Bonus Offer Page and present the WaMu coupon when you apply in person at your local WaMu branch.

The WaMu Free Checking bonus offer is also available for online applicants, but you must have a promotional code to apply online.

A unique promotional code must be used by each customer when applying online, and we do not currently have WaMu promo codes available.

However, you may print out the WaMu promotional page and apply in person to receive your $100 WaMu bonus offer.

WaMu Free Checking accounts offer free access to WaMu and Chase ATMs, free checks, a free WaMu Debit MasterCard, and 1 overdraft or bounced check fee waiver per year.

Take advantage of this WaMu checking account bonus to get a $100 banking bonus when you open a new WaMu Free Checking account.

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  1. ALM says

    When I signed up for a Wamu account a couple of months ago, I signed up hastily and didn’t put the full amount that qualifies you for the $100 bonus.

    I did nothing else with the account, except for one purchase and one deposit, and I check my account two days ago, and I received a $100 bonus! I checked to see if I actually qualify, but I don’t, so this is interesting.

    I’m not complaining!

  2. says

    WAMU is a total scam.
    I opened an account on 02/28/09 online using a promo code. The particular promo mailing offer I received told me to go to http://www.free.wamu.com/ (which if you go there, the FIRST thing you have to do is fill in the PROMO code, before you can do anything else).
    I opened the account and even entered in my card information (from a credit card at another bank) to fund my new WAMU checking immediately.
    I did not see any confirmation number (if there even was one).
    WAMU emails me about my March09 stmt, says there’s $0 in my acct. I call, they said it takes a while for the card transaction to go through. OK fine.
    They email me about my April 09 stmt, says $0 balance. I go into the branch on 04/07/09 and deposit $100 cash. They tell me no problem, the promo is still in effect, I deposited the money within 60 days of opening the acct, no worries.
    I wait exactly 12weeks. on 07/07/09 I login to my Wamu acct. No free $100 yet. I use their online email interface to email cust. srvc. They reply that they have no record of me and to go to the branch. I go to the branch AGAIN. Show them my paperwork, etc, but their computers are down. Go figure. He says he’s going to call me back.
    He calls me back this afternoon to say NO MONEY without the CONFIRMATION code from when I entered the promo code onto their site. I do not have this. I am very pissed off. I am closing my account. TOTAL SCAM!!! They say they have NO record of me ever using the promo code. HELLO? Its the first bit of info they ASK for on the site. WTF???

  3. says

    Yes I had the same problem. I rang up customer service to get the promo account set up and everything went well except they never deposited the bonus and told me 16 wks later to come in the with the original ad (WHICH I NO LONGER HAD OF COURSE) to see a banker in person. I mean how crap is customer service at WAMU / CHASE. It was such bad service

  4. Christy says

    i’m having the same problem right now as cubescapee. after 3 months and still nothing. i called and they say they have no record of my coupon code. then asked for the ad and i’m like um it’s been over 3 months i don’t have it anymore. man this sucks. still on the phone with them trying to work things out.

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