9 Ways to Save Money with Credit Cards

Credit cards can save you money if you use them to your advantage.

Check out these 9 ways to save money and earn extra cash just by using credit cards.

1. Earn Cash Rebates on All Purchases

You can earn cash rebates on all of your purchases just by using cash rewards credit cards.

Pay for groceries, utility bills, gas, dining, and everything else with a cash reward card, and you’ll save money every day.

Cash Rebate Credit Cards provide cash back on all of your credit card purchases, so you can save money on everything you buy with a credit card.

2. Get Cash Sign-Up Bonuses

Get cash bonuses when you sign up for credit cards.

Sign up for cash bonus offers with credit cards to get cash rewards, gift cards, and rewards checks when you apply for credit cards.

Cash Bonus Credit Cards can help you earn some extra money if you need to apply for a credit card anyway, as many excellent rewards cards have cash bonuses.

3. Transfer Balances with High Interest Rates

Transfer your high interest rate credit card balances to credit cards with 0% interest rates on balance transfers to avoid high interest charges.

The IberiaBank Visa® Gold Cash Back Rewards Card offers a 0% APR on balance transfers for 6 months with no balance transfer fees, plus you’ll get a 1% cash rebate on all of your purchases.

Transfer your balances for free and enjoy a 0% APR credit card to get some relief from high interest rates.

0% APR Balance Transfer Cards can save you a lot of money on interest rates.

Consider Low Fixed APR Balance Transfer Cards if you have larger amounts of credit card debt that will take you a year or longer to pay off.

4. Finance Large Purchases for Free

Use 0% APR purchase credit cards to make large purchases and pay them off over time with no interest charges.

Purchase automobiles, vacations, computers, or any other large purchases with a credit card to save money on interest charges.

Credit Cards with 0% APRs on Purchases can save you a lot of money on financing or help you make your monthly finances while avoiding interest charges.

5. Save Money on Gasoline Purchases

Pay for your gasoline with gas rewards credit cards to get cash rebates on all of your gas purchases.

Use a gas rewards card for all of your fuel purchases, and you’ll save money on your daily commute and your vacations.

Gas Rewards Credit Cards offer rebates at gas stations as well as everywhere else you shop.

6. Get Free Hotel Rooms and Hotel Discounts

Hotel rewards cards offer free hotel room promotions and hotel discounts if you frequently stay in hotels.

Join free hotel rewards programs and get a hotel credit card to earn free stays and additional hotel savings.

Hotel Rewards Credit Cards can save you money if you travel often or provide you with a free hotel stay during your next vacation.

7. Get Airline Rewards and Free Flights

Credit cards with airline rewards offer free flight rewards and bonus airline miles if you are a frequent flyer or just want to get a free airline ticket.

Get an airline rewards card for your favorite airline rewards program and earn extra bonus miles for all of your flights and credit card purchases.

Airline Rewards Credit Cards offer free bonus flights and VIP airline benefits for frequent flyers.

8. Organize Business Finances and Get Business Discounts

Business cards can help you organize your business finances with access to QuickBooks and other financial tools, plus you can finance large business purchases and get cash rebates on business spending.

Apply for business cards to get cash rebates, finance business purchase, and organize your business spending.

Business Credit Cards can save your business money, and anybody can apply for business cards whether you are a big business owner or just getting started.

9. Rebuild Your Credit History

Use secured credit cards to rebuild your credit history.

The New Millennium Bank Secured Gold Visa® or Mastercard® is a secured credit card that reports to all 3 major credit bureaus to help you improve your credit history.

Secured cards differ from standard credit cards in that you must deposit money into an account to secure your credit card, but anyone can be approved for secured cards regardless of your poor credit history.

Secure Credit Cards can help you rebuild your credit score to save you money on your future interest rates.

Take advantage of credit cards to save money on your everyday finances.

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