Ace Rewards Visa Card up to 10% Cash Rebates and 3,200 Bonus Ace Rewards Points for Referring Friends

The Ace Rewards Visa credit card offers up to 10% cash rebates on all of your purchases with no annual fee, plus you can earn 3,200 bonus Ace Rewards points for each new card member that you refer.

New Ace Rewards card members who sign up through a current member’s referral will also receive a $10 statement credit upon approval to use toward a purchase at any Ace Hardware store.

The important thing to note about the Ace Rewards card is that the Ace Rewards points that you earn can only be used toward purchase at Ace Hardware stores, so if you don’t shop at Ace, then this Cash Rebate Card is not for you.

However, if you do shop at Ace Hardware on a regular basis, then the Ace Rewards credit card offers some pretty good rebates on a variety of purchases.

About the Ace Rewards Visa Card

The Ace Rewards® Visa Card is issued by U.S. Bank.

10% Cash Back Categories

You’ll earn up to 10% cash back quarterly in popular categories for up to the purchase dollar amount cap specified for the category.

That’s double what you’ll earn with other 5% Quarterly Rebate Credit Cards.

To participate, you must be an Ace Rewards Visa Card member in good standing with your account open for at least 40 days and not over-the-credit limit or past due on the closing date for the billing cycle.

You must enroll for the Ace Rewards 10% Rebate Promotions online, although they do not display the categories openly on their website, so it’s hard to know if they would be of any use for you personally.

5% Cash Back at Ace Hardware Stores

You’ll earn up to 5% cash back on Ace purchases, which is pretty decent, especially on larger purchases of lawnmowers or snowblowers.

However, it’s important to understand that these Ace Hardware store rebates are tiered based on your overall card spending.

You’ll get 3% for every net $1 spent at participating Ace stores plus an additional 2% in bonus rewards points on Ace store purchases when you reach a minimum spend of $12,000 anywhere Visa is accepted in a calendar year.

So if you don’t meet the $12,000 minimum spending limit on all of your purchases in a calendar year, then you will only earn 3% cash back on your Ace store purchases, and not the additional 2% bonus cash back.

2% Cash Back on Gas and Groceries

You’ll also get 2% back on gas and groceries all year long.

Plus, you’ll get 1% cash back everywhere else Visa is accepted.

Redeeming Cash Rewards Points

The cash back rewards are based on a points system, and you’ll receive a $25 Ace Reward for every 12,500 points that you earn.

For every $1 of net purchases, you’ll earn up to 10% (up to 50 points) in popular categories, up to 5% (up to 25 points) at Ace, 2% (10 points) for gas and groceries, and 1% (5 points) everywhere else Visa is accepted.

For every 12,500 Ace Rewards points earned, you’ll receive a $25 Ace Reward that is redeemable at participating Ace Hardware stores.

Ace Rewards Credit Card Referral Program

You’ll earn 3,200 bonus Ace Rewards points when you refer your friends to the Ace Rewards card.

Just refer a friend for either type of Ace Rewards Visa Card, business or platinum, and you’ll get 3,200 rewards points when they are approved.

Once approved, your friend will get a $10 statement credit to use toward a purchase at any Ace Hardware store.

Check out the Ace Rewards Card Referral Program to refer your friends today.

If you are an Ace Rewards credit card member, please feel free to exchange your contact information for referrals in the comments section below this article.

Your referrals can apply online at when you provide them with your Ace Rewards Number.

Your referrals can also apply for the Ace Rewards Visa Card by phone with your Ace Rewards Number when they call 1-888-325-6190, extension 93195.

Each friend that you refer adds 3,200 rewards points to your Ace Rewards account within 8 to 10 weeks of their approval.

Waiting for a $100 Ace Rewards Card Bonus

If you’re considering signing up for the Ace Rewards card, then you may want to consider waiting until a $100 special bonus offer comes around.

They’ve offered $100 Ace Rewards Credit Card Bonuses in the past, and they probably will at some time in the future.

You can also earn a $10 statement credit when you sign up through a current member’s referral, but obviously, it would be nicer to get a $100 bonus if you have the patience.

There are always Bigger Credit Card Bonuses available, if you’re just looking to earn a big cash reward.

Take advantage of the Ace Rewards Visa Card if you frequently shop at Ace Hardware stores.

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