Citi Bonus Cash Center for Citibank Credit Card Members

The Citi Bonus Cash Center is a free service for Citibank credit card members that offers cash rebates from online retailers, gift cards, local merchants, restaurants, travel services, and more Citi credit card rebates.

It’s free to register for the Citi Bonus Cash Center if you are a current Citibank credit card member with an eligible Citi Card.

You’ll earn an average of 5% cash back when you shop online, by phone, or at participating merchant locations with your Citibank credit card.

Simply Register for the Citi Bonus Cash Center to gain immediate access to earn cash rebates for your Citi Card purchases.

Whenever you shop at a participating merchant with your registered Citibank credit card, you’ll earn cash rebates that will be added to your Citi Bonus Cash Center account on a monthly basis.

Your cash back rebates will then appear on your credit card billing statement within 1 to 3 statement cycles.

The Citi Bonus Cash Center is similar to other cash rebate shopping networks, such as Ebates ($5 Bonus Offer), but Citibank also allows you to earn additional cash rebates when shopping at physical store locations, restaurants, and elsewhere.

You can shop at neighborhood stores or dine out at local restaurants to earn cash rebates when you use your Citibank credit card.

There are no membership fees or charges to become a member of the Citi Bonus Cash Center, and any rebates you earn through the Citi Bonus Cash Center program are in addition to the cash rebates or rewards you may earn when you use your eligible Citi rewards credit card.

The Citi Bonus Cash Center is a separate program from the Citibank Extra Cash Program, which some customers have complained about, because it doesn’t offer actual cash rebates.

The Citi Bonus Cash Center program does offer cash rebates for your purchases, and these cash rewards will be credited directly to your Citi credit card account.

Take advantage of the Citi Bonus Cash Center to get cash rebates for shopping online and when you use your Citibank card at participating local merchants and restaurants.

Register for the free Citi Bonus Cash Center today to earn Citibank credit card cash rebates.

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