Citi Easy Deals Offers Special Savings and 1,000 Bonus Points for Citibank Credit Card Members

Citi Easy Deals is a new program for eligible Citibank credit card members that provides you with access to daily deals, auctions, and special savings on a variety of merchandise.

Plus, you can get 1,000 bonus points toward the Citi Easy Deals program when you register your Citi card today.

What Is Citi Easy Deals?

Citi Easy Deals is an exclusive benefit for eligible Citi credit card members that provides you with a variety of online deals.

The Citi Easy Deals program is separate from your regular Citibank rewards card program, so your Citi Easy Deals points are not interchangeable with your Thankyou Rewards Card Points or any other Citibank rewards points.

You can use your Easy Deals points toward daily deals, auctions, merchandise, hotels, cruises, travel, and local deals like dining, shopping, and entertainment.

There is no fee to participate in the Easy Deals program, but if you make a purchase, you will have to use your eligible Citi Credit Card together with your points to pay for your reward selection.

How To Earn Citi Easy Deals Points

Once you register, you will accumulate Citi Easy Deals points totaling 10% of the amount of the eligible monthly purchases that you make with your participating card account.

That means you’ll receive 1 point for each $10 in eligible purchases that you make with your participating Citibank card.

There is no limit to the amount of Citi Easy Deals points that you can accumulate.

You’ll also get 1,000 points when you sign up for the Citi Easy Deals program.

You can then use your points to save and get deals on a variety of products and services.

However, you can only use a portion of your points toward Easy Deals redemptions, and you must pay the remaining balance with your Citibank credit card, so there’s no way to get something completely free by just using your points.

How To Redeem Citi Easy Deals

Once you register and log in to Citi Easy Deals, you can click on the icon for your selected product or service and follow the easy instructions.

You will be shown the current retail price as well as the amount of points that you may use toward the purchase of your selection.

Citi Easy Deals points may only be used to pay for a specified portion of the total charges of each good or service.

Once the transaction is confirmed, you must provide your eligible Citi credit card to cover the remaining unpaid balance after using your points.

The amount of points that you have used is then deducted from your account balance.

The Evolution of Citi Easy Deals

Citi Easy Deals seems to be the next generation of the Extra Cash Program from Citibank, which is now defunct.

They both have similar concepts and are almost identical in how they work.

Extra Cash had many detractors, and the new Easy Deals program will probably have the same.

The only real benefit of Extra Cash was that you could get a 10% discount on gift cards from many brand-name merchants, and this may be true of Easy Deals as well.

Check out the new Citi Easy Deals program with your qualifying Citibank card to get access to special savings on travel, merchandise, and more.

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