Citibank Credit Card Referrals Earn Cash and Bonus Points

Citibank is offering bonus cash and extra points to current credit card account holders who provide referrals for new Citi Card customers.

If you are a current Citi Card member, you can get paid various referral rewards depending on which type of Citi credit card account you have.

You just have to log in to the Citibank referral form and refer your friends and family to open a Citibank credit card account.

All you have to do is visit the Citi Card Referral Website and enter in your credit card account information.

You will then see which Citi Card referral bonus is offered, and you can easily send your Citi Card referral invitations by email.

Take advantage of this Citibank credit card referral bonus to refer new friends to apply for a Citi credit card.

Thanks and enjoy this Citi Card offer.


  1. Azhar says

    I think Citibank Referral program is finished as i am not getting any referring page on its website. If it still exists, then kindly send me a link to refer.


  2. MIchael says

    That link is a link to Phishing Account Website! Shame on you for linking that!!! don’t click peoples

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