Extra Cash from Citibank 10% Rebate on All Card Purchases Plus $100 Extra Cash Bonus

The Extra Cash from Citi shopping rewards program offers a 10% rebate on all of your credit card purchases anywhere, plus a $100 Extra Cash bonus when you sign up for the program with your eligible Citibank credit card.

Update: The Extra Cash program has now been converted into the new Citi Easy Deals Rewards Program.

Extra Cash from Citi is absolutely free to join if you have an eligible Citibank credit card, and no application is required.

You simply register online in seconds, and you’ll receive $100 in Extra Cash just for signing up.

Register for Extra Cash from Citi with your eligible Citibank credit card to receive your $100 cash bonus.

Once you register, you’ll receive a 10% rebate on your total credit card purchases each month everywhere you use your card, not just through the shopping rewards network, and this monthly 10% rebate will be added to your Extra Cash rewards.

Extra Cash rewards can be redeemed towards up to 80% off purchases through the Extra Cash shopping network, which includes hotels, car rentals, event tickets, attractions, movie tickets, dining certificates, brand-name merchant gift cards, and a wide variety of merchandise.

Your Extra Cash rewards can be applied to a specified portion of the total purchase price, and the rest will have to be paid for using your registered credit card.

For example, you may use your Extra Cash rewards towards $20 off a hotel stay, $100 off the price of a TV, or $10 off the price of a $100 gift card when you purchase them through the Extra Cash network using your registered Citi credit card.

Important Note: This promotion was sent to select Citi card members by email, so not all Citibank credit cards may be eligible and everyone may not receive the $100 bonus offer, as no info for the $100 bonus is specifically provided on the Extra Cash website.

However, Extra Cash is absolutely free to join, and if you do have an eligible Citibank card, you will earn a 10% bonus rebate for all of your credit card purchases everywhere, which can be redeemed towards some decent discounts, especially on hotels and car rentals.

In addition, Extra Cash from Citibank is currently offering members the option to take a short survey to earn $50 in bonus Extra Cash.

Register for Extra Cash from Citi at extracash.citi.com to see if your Citi card is eligible and if you qualify for the $100 cash bonus offer to save money when shopping online.

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  1. Sharon says

    I have “Extra Cash” on my AT&T Universal card. I can not find anything when it says to redeem at “Extra Cash from Citi website.

  2. says

    Hello Sharon,

    If Extra Cash is available with your Citibank credit card, you should be able to register your card at extracash.citi.com to take advantage of the Citi Extra Cash rewards program.

    Hope that helps, thank you, Max.

  3. joanne says


  4. says

    Hello joanne,

    To participate in the Citi Extra Cash program, first visit the Extra Cash website by clicking on one of the links provided in our article.

    Then register your Citi Platinum Select card to see if it is eligible for the Extra Cash program.

    If it’s eligible, you will be registered and receive your $100 bonus in Extra Cash, plus you can start earning more Extra Cash once you have registered.

    However, not all Citi cards are eligible, so you’ll have to attempt to register your card first.

    Good luck.

  5. says

    Hello florence wahl,

    We’re not related to Citi Cards, but if you let me know what type of Citibank credit card you have, I will do my best to let you know how to get point information.

    You can also call the number on the back of your credit card and request information on your points from customer service.

    Thank you, please let us know if we can assist.

  6. Tom says

    I don’t trust anyone who says you get free this and free that . ie There’s no free lunch. If I want to buy something that I need , I shop for the lowest price . If all my trade money is tied up in this ” free” account that I have no control over and can’t say “it’s right here in my wallet” , how can I shop around for a bargin?
    Please publish this response

  7. Renee F. Simons says

    I have searched extracash.universalcard.com and I cannot find a listing of any of the companies or offered rewards to apply my extra cash to.
    And second, I cannot find anywhere on my printed invoice/statement the GRAND TOTAL of all my extra cash. Your assistance is requested.

  8. Alice J crews says

    I show that I have 200 plus in extra cash, AT&T says I have 73.62. Where do we go to check extra point total and where do we go to find the list of items that we can apply against?

  9. says

    How to View and Redeem Your Extra Cash Rewards:

    To view your Extra Cash rewards total, login or register your qualified credit card at the Citi Extra Cash website:


    Once you register or login, you will be able to see your Extra Cash total on the left hand side of the website.

    You can redeem your Extra Cash rewards by selecting any of the link options for travel, entertainment, gift cards, or merchandise.

    Then just follow the process provided on the website for redeeming your Extra Cash.

  10. says

    Save 10% on Gift Cards with Extra Cash:

    One of the best ways to redeem your Citibank Extra Cash rewards is towards gift cards from various brand-name merchants.

    You can save 10% on gift certificates to many different stores, plus get free shipping of your gift cards.

    That means you can get a $100 gift card for only $90, and get free shipping, so you’ll save a full 10% on your purchases if you use this method to acquire a gift card.

    This is perfect for gifts or to save money on your personal shopping.

    Check out some of these stores that offer a 10% discount on gift cards with free shipping through Extra Cash:

    Banana Republic
    Old Navy
    Pier 1
    Lands’ End
    Sally Beauty Supply
    Papa John

    And many more merchant gift certificates are available.

    Take advantage of Extra Cash to get gift certificate discounts to many brand-name stores.

  11. Sherrill Staiff says

    I got a letter sayng to put in my 16 digit credit card number. You ask for log in and password so what do I put into each of these spaces to get logged in?

  12. says

    Hello Sherrill Staiff,

    To register for Citi Extra Cash, you would need to enter the credit card number for the card you are registering.

    Once you are registered, you can then enter your login name and password to access your account.

    To register, click on one of the Extra Cash from Citi links in the above article, and then click on the Register button.

    I hope this helps.

  13. Evan says

    I have a AT&T card and made the mistake of signing up for the extracash program. It is just a way to sell you more products. Everything is way overpriced so with the “savings” they give you, you are really saving any money. The worst part is they regularly send you email whether you want it or not. I’ve tried to change the email preferences, but they still send me annoying emails. Plus there is no way to withdraw from the program. This is just another scheme by card companies to lure you in and your stuck forever.

  14. Bob says

    I visited the site and disagree w Evan completely. I did not find the good overpriced and with the “discount” it’s actually a great place to shop.

  15. a.p.zampirri says

    welcome letter from s.larson,at universal card asking to sign up for new extra cash benefit,simply log on to extracash.citi.com tried for 30 min. show me how

  16. Congetta M.DeAngelo says

    I am not good on the computer and I don’t know the language. I would like to talk to a person that I can understand and give me some answers.My member number is : 8649-6634449. Can someone help me. Thankyou.

  17. carl says

    I have “Extra Cash” on my Citi Card . I can not find anything when it says to redeem at “Extra Cash from Citi website. Plus when i try to sign up , it is telling me my information is wrong !!!! Well it the information on my Bill Statement….. I think that this isjust a big F***ing game…….

  18. Arnold Flowers says

    Visited the extra cash site to redeem the extra cash I had earned. Could not find anything I wanted to cash in for. In fact you do not earn extra cash, it is just a way to get you to make more purchases on your credit card. To really receive something you should by able to use the points to buy a product not just get extra cash on the items.

  19. Linda Cohen says

    I have tried 5 times to register, and it tell me the info. is wrong. I think this is bs, the way you play with your valued customers.

  20. MercedesBrack says

    do I have to register to obtain 10% extra cash for purchases with my citi cred card master card? thanks

  21. says

    Hello MercedesBrack,

    Yes, you have to register your qualified Citi credit card for the Citi Extra Cash program. Visit the link above in our article and then register your card as a first-time user.

    Hope this helps, thank you. Max

  22. eric says

    I agree completely with comment #16…this “extra cash” program is utterly frustrating, yielding neither “cash” nor anything “extra” except the allure of nonexistent free stuff…10% discount on overpriced things I don’t need! what a joke.

  23. john says

    I agree with 16 and 26. Prices are 20 to 50 % higher than retail and then they give you a discount that is still more expensive than if you just ordered from amazon. This is a vaporcash offer.

  24. Wanda Vanmetre says

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    Please e-mail me at the above address and tell me if this is discount money on my card, or if I am applying for an amount to be added to my card which I will have to repay to you. Does this mean that I am getting a discount from merchants, or are you truly giving me money? Thank you, Wanda Vanmetre

  25. Hank Keenan says

    Citi must really think consumers are fools.This is nothing more than a way to get you to spend more.Useless and insulting.

  26. colleen says

    the site does NOT want to be user friendly. I am totally convinced that this whole PROMISE OF EXTRA CASH is a scam

  27. Jesica says

    Now I understand why they give 10% back, cause it ends up at 1% to actualy redeem.

    I just investigated the program when I saw I had almost $300 points available. I typically use Amex points which is awesome or miles cards.

    This Extra Cash is totally worthless. I viewed the overpriced offerings where you were not getting anything for less, and in fact would still be paying more after the tiny discount from “extra cash”.

    Unless you buy gift cards regularly and would benefit from $5 off a $50 gift card, there are no actual discounts. I had started the survey for the extra $50 and quit halfway through after realizing I would never use the points I have.

  28. phoebe anderson says

    How do I get the Extra Cash you post on my statement. HOw do I redeem the amount? How does one know who participate in this program? Can I pay my ATT telephone bill with my extra cash credit accumalated? Do I have to register for a program to use the extra cash credit?

  29. SG says

    Glad I found this site. I was unable to register with the rewards site with my valid card number (I see that’s not uncommon) and I was curious to know if the points are at all useful (comments suggests they are not) and if the promotional language is misleading (comments suggests yes). This experience has been so frustrating, I’m actually considering switching to another card company after 15 years. Pretty crazy that a “diamond preferred” level card doesn’t offer useful points of some kind.

  30. todd says

    Im still looking. If you really wanted people to use this program you would make it alot easier to set up .cut the crap and stop being like every other scamming bank in this country!!!!!

  31. todd says

    How do you people sleep at night? In this day in age we have to help each other….NOT SCAM each other.You are all a bunch of low life scum!!

  32. Alexandra says

    I agree with SG. Why can’t a diamond preferred get anything from Citi Card? It’s ridiculous.I have spent so much money, and for what? Nothing is earned from this.

  33. Jason says

    Citi ExtraCash is absolutely worthless… if not an outright scam. They only allow you to use a minuscule part of the total cost from your ExtraCash balance, and then They jack up the price by that amount. For example, I needed a rental car. Citi quoted me $240 & deducted $28 from extracash for a total cost of $218 to me. I went to the rental car company’s website and they quoted me $203 for the exact same rental.

  34. Lucille Gilbert says

    I have a citi credit card with a running balance which was a transfer from another credit card. Has this balance accummulated any rebates, credit, points which can be sent to me?

  35. JDM2010 says

    Citi cash IS useless and worthless and a scam and a fraud! So is everything about it’s use, IMO. I have also experienced the rip-off from car-rental anti-discounts (recounts?). Also, have over Sc2,500.00 in Sh*ticash, just tried to get $50 Walmart card for $25 + Sc25 and website pretty much logged me off, blocked me from logging back on, then when I finally got *1* card (all yer allowed) and finally made it to the checkout, after having to re-log back in 3 or 4 times at every step, I am told I have to remove the item that’s no longer available to continue. No longer available?! It was in my CART! F*kkin’ FRAUD, F*kkin’ LIARS, anything Citi is truly Sh*ti!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. JDM2010 says

    L.D., you musta been going through the same crap as I. Was already logged in, waiting for the “daily ‘deal'”, when sh*ti-cash website literally changed before my eyes, logged me out, repeatedly was “unavailable” or refused to let me back in, and never once looked right through the whole experience. THAT many people trying to get a “daily ‘deal'”? (Last “‘daily’ ‘deal'” was on the 12th(?), btw. FRAUD! FOWL! FALAFEL!

  37. EG says

    I tried to get the $25 Walmart card “deal”. It seems that the rest of the world logged on at 1pm because the website went dead and when it came up, they were “SOLD OUT”.

    This “rewards prrogram” is a SCAM. Avoid it like the plague. I’m cutting up this card as we speak.

  38. Ted says

    Land of the FEE and home of the SLAVES. I cut up my citicard(after 20 years)and sent it back, when I received notice of the new $60. annual fee. If enough people do the same, they will drop the fee. A retention agent called and presented this $100. BS
    incentive to stay with them…almost fell for it, but after reading others blogs…I’m out. All of these banks and credit extortionists are going into the melting pot in the very near future…in fact, it’s happening now…don’t get caught up in it. Imagine if everyone’s “credit score” was in the toilet, and we said..we don’t care anymore!!!Then what?? Think CASH!

  39. LSN says

    I have tried to make a purchase & they refuse to take the address I provided. Then I could not proceed to checkout.

  40. Gayla says

    I just read through this page and am very disappointed by what I’m reading. I went to the website Friday for the first time, and had over $600 in “extra cash”. I was thrilled. I also have a Discover card and when you earn points with them, there is no money out of pocket. It is paid for purely by your points. I ordered about $150. worth of gift cards on Friday, thinking that there would not be anything out of “my pocket”. I actually thought that I would still have over $450. that would come in handy at Christmas this year. Even when I checked out it said that my statement would show extra cash purchases. I didn’t need nor desire these items, but merely ordered them to use up some of my extra cash bonus. I can’t afford to just throw away my money on non-essentials at this critical stage of my financial life. Now I’m very concerned because it sounds to me like I’ve possibly been terribly mislead. If I am charged one cent for those gift cards, I also will tear up my card after over 20 years and send it back to the company. If this is some sort of a scam to trick people into spending money that they don’t have, there will be a class action suit at some point in the near future. I’m really hoping that everyone on this page is mis-informed and mis-interpreting the extra cash program. With Discover you use your points as dollars. You can buy a $50 gift card and it will cost you $45 of your points. I hope this is what Citi is doing as well. If not then they should take a good look at what Discover is doing and make some big adjustments, before it costs them their entire credit card business.

  41. Karen says

    I just signed up for extracash @citi com. After reading all these things I am alittle scared to use it I will try to keep an open mind and hope it works like my Discover card. It did tell me I had 100 pts, after I signed up..

  42. Al says

    Is all this negtave information on this site correct? I just noticed on my AT&T Universal card I had $79.22 in Extra Cash and I am trying to see how I can use some of it. I have yet to fimnd any info on this subject.

  43. Leonor says

    I singed up for the extracash@citi.com when i got my CitiPlatinum Select Card last August 2010 yet but i wonder why until now i din’t get my 100 dollars award.

    what am gonna do to avail this benefit from citibank.

    thank you.

  44. martin goldstein says

    we just received our mastercharge card and i un!derstand that when we make a purchase we are entitled to$100 credit. is this true and have the cards activated? martin and cecil goldstein

  45. anonymous says

    I have a Citi platinum card with extra points and I am convinced it is a scam to get you to spend more money. I think the ‘Extra Cash’ is not really cash. They should call it ‘Extra points.’ You still end up paying out of pocket at their stupid online store, at a reduced rate from the retial price, however the retail prices are high enough that you would do better just shopping direct with the retailer.

    I agree there should be a class action lawsuit against Citi and I will gladly collect my few cents when they settle the suit.

  46. Suzanne says

    I don’t think this is it a rip off or scam. In general the “Extra Cash” Citi has provided us is more like the ability to apply a 10+% savings to items they have available on their website. It’s a discount. I think when people hear the word CASH and they have a lump sum; they think it’s a flexible commodity. “Extra Cash” is not cash nor should it be thought of as cash but as a discount on specific products offered. The discount has a varied limit on each product as listed and defined on the website https://extracash.citi.com
    I don’t think you can go wrong with the “No cash out of pocket” stuff on the site like: Mrs. Field cookies and Duncan Donuts etc. To get these type of offers login at https://extracash.citi.com on the left of the home webpage, select the “+” to expand Local Offers, then select dinning. Near the top portion of this webpage they provide filters that reduce the items you see based on your needs. You can enter your zip code, the distance the location must be within, how many items to display on a page, and can sort this by A-Z, Z-A or closest to your zip code. Great webpage! My 2 cents provided free.

  47. Chelsey says

    Citi bank doesn’t offer a help # for extra cash…what the heck is up with that?!?! I need help now, not 3 days from now!! When I go to check out, the only option at the bottom of the page is continue shopping…I don’t want to continue shopping, I want to check out. This seems like it would be very easy to explain to someone on the phone and have them help me instead of wait 3 business days ya know!! Now my offers have expired and I am Sh*t out of luck…great….thanks extracash for being worthless…

  48. Hugh Mannity says

    The only reason they give you a small discount on gift cards is that they know a certain percentage of gift cards won’t be redeemed before the expiration date.

  49. Review says

    I have over 3,000 dollars in so-called citi “cash” but their website is filled with useless products I would never use and for the few I would use I can find just as good prices or better on other websites. The entire system is a fraud because you never get any money back and the entire purpose of this new Citybank scheme is to get you to buy more products that will make them even more money.

  50. Jennifer says

    Everyone who think’s this is a program is a fraud or a scam must seriously be stupid.

    1. there is a customer service line, its under “HELP CENTER” at the bottom of the webpage and you will talk to someone in person if you have any questions about the program

    2. All there Merchandise has a Low Price Guarantee, if you can find a lower retail price contact their customer service agents and you will get money back if you can prove their prices are not lower than other retailers. To #64 Review, your claim is baseless, i dare you to really try to find the lower priced items.

    3. “Extra Cash” is not real cash. Yes other programs have rewards items that are solely “no pay” items but it takes forever to get enough points to get those items. This program offers a way to get discounts on items right away to help save on some cool deals.

    4. There are “no pay” items on the site like Suzanne said, just know that they are under “local offers”. You use your “extra cash” to buy coupons in your local area, or at the place you are going to for vacation. It’s based off of the zip code you enter. That way upi can get a 2-4-1 deal at a local diner or 50% golf fees at a country club your vacationing at

    They even have daily deals which is similar to Groupon.

    Check it out for yourself because seriously a lot of these postings are way old and seems like the real problem those people had was computer illiteracy and not the program itself. I use it and thinks its great! Go Citi!

  51. Real Person says

    I joined this program a few days ago, and unfortunately, yes, it is absolute trash. No doubt the positive reviews here are by Citi drones. Here’s how it actually works:


    Please re-read that statement and don’t make the same mistake poor Gayla did up above.

    2. You do get a tiny discount on whatever you order with your citicash, as long as you order it thru the citicash website. But:

    3. YOU ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO APPLY YOUR BUILT UP CITICASH TO APPROXIMATELY 10% OF THE ***TOTAL COST*** OF MOST ITEMS YOU PICK OUT, LEAVING YOU RESPONSIBLE FOR THE REMAINING 90% OF THE TAB. For example, if you’re buying an LL Bean duffle bag that RETAILS (full retail price here) for $175, most of the time using this program you will only be able to apply your citicash to $17.50. So your remaining cost for said duffle bag will be $175 – $17.50 = $157.50 – PLEASE NOTE – this amount WILL be charged to your credit card!

    4. This usually makes no sense, because most of us who care about trying to save money rarely pay FULL retail price for anything. I reviewed every category and every item/offer. There are some where you get a discount of up to 50%, but again, it’s 50% off of full retail value. So for example, there is a Swarovski 2008 “CPI Holiday” (??) Ornament, which with your citicash, the full retail price will be knocked down by like 30%. You would probably be able to locate this same outdated item on ebay for the same amount, or less than you would pay thru the citicash site.

    5. Yes, you can buy gift cards … But, the biggest discount on 99% of those was 10%. And you’d have to order weeks in advance, and possibly also have to pay shipping and handling fees to receive them. So like you can get a $50 gift card to Borders for $45. Keep in mind the “citicash” is already applied. You’re “applying” $5 of your citicash in order to reduce the $50 price to $45. The $45 will be charged on your credit card for you to pay with your own cash later.

    6. In the terms and conditions of the program, the language is “fuzzy” about privacy. Basically, if interpreted to the letter of the law, you’re giving permission for the marketing company Cantera (?) and all of the companies you buy something from, to use, sell trade and barter your personal information and preferences for marketing purposes. No it does not explicably say that. But it can undoubtedly be inferred if you read all of the fine print.

    This program is a complete joke, farce, scam. Discover’s program is nothing like it, and is a “real” program. This program is the worst I’ve ever seen. It’s in essence truly just a scam, that tricks the busy consumer into thinking they have all this free cash to apply to purchases, which really are just piled up onto their credit card. Your “extra citicash” merely provides a tiny DISCOUNT to the FULL RETAIL value of whatever you’re getting. So like let’s say for example you clipped coupons from the newspaper, and one gave you $5 off your dinner at Legal Seafood. You’re basically “clipping coupons” from the citicash website. Except it’s actually worse because your personal information is spread around, and then the “coupon/discount” amount is deducted from your citicash account. So it really is pretty stupid.

    If you worked really hard at it, and had very obscure taste, you might – might – be able to save a small amount of money. But the way they make it sound like it’s “free cash” to use on anything, is downright scandalous. They determine how much citicash You’re Allowed to apply to each offer.

  52. Grace says

    The “Extra Cash” program is practically worthless. I have over 7k points (or whatever you call them) and there is no way I will ever, ever use them up. I’ll get a gift card every few months, maybe, but then I’m still paying 90% of the card so it’s barely worth the effort.

    If you’re looking for rewards for spending, get a different card. The Extra Cash system is for suckers.

  53. Margaret A. White says

    I cannot register for the extra cash program because the security question on the form for registeration is unreadable.

  54. Tim says

    Extra Cash is terrible. It does not work like Discover Card’s reward program. All Extra Cash does is supplement a little of your reward dollars with money you must spend. I love getting gift cards from Discover, but it takes a long time to build up enough points for me. With Extra Cash I now have $1,209.69 of rewards, but I would have to spend around $10,800 to redeem those rewards for gift cards. For every $50 gift card I have to spend $45 and the rewards gives only $5. Other discounts are comparable. Don’t get this card for the rewards program…It isn’t worth it.

  55. tazgran says

    After reading all these comments, I shall not bother to sign up for this programme….I hesitate to even use the card!!!!!!!

    Do you not read these posts and try to correct the obvious problems??????????

    Or am I just terribly naive???????????

  56. Scott Thomas says

    This program is a scam. Extra Cash is a BS. Nobody pays “full retail” on the internet and all this Extra Cash is just a 10 perfect off coupon. One positive is the gift cards, which again, when applying your FREE EXTRA CASH- works out to 10% off. Not even sure it’s there’s free shipping. FRUAD SCAMM, WASTE OF TIME.

  57. Mary Cain says

    Something is wrong with the register and login page.
    The login area is present but the first part of the page which should have the sign on of new registration is blank.

  58. Pat says

    Citi Extra Cash is a complete waste of time! It is a total scam. I have had this “benefit” for years now, and never once been able to use it. Today I was looking at their online departments and saw the “daily deal” for Omaha Steaks. The package was for eight hot dog weiners and eight hamburger patties. Citi Extra Cash said that “today only” you could buy the package for $37 plus $20 Extra Cash, which it claims “saves you 35% of retail”. Well I then went to Omaha Steaks website and they offer the same deal but twelve hamburger patties instead of eight, for only $30 total! What a joke!

  59. Paul says

    I just wrote this email to the customer service dept. of Citi Extra Cash via their website; please read carefully: “I just logged on today to attempt to receive one of your daily deals for a $25 Bed Bath & Beyond Card for half of my extra cash, and half my purchase cost. I waited for the timer to count down and as soon as the add to cart icon came up, the next screen instantly loaded, saying sold out. There is no way it could have been sold out even if there were only “one” card for sale, and you actually had according to your site, one hundred of them nationwide. Unless you’re allowing illegal activity to escape from your website, please tell me how one hundred cards could be sold between the one second the add to cart button appeared on one screen, and the next screen where a hundred had already been purchased. At this time, I am forced to hand this over to my attorney for further review and you will be hearing from us shortly.”

  60. Ann Marie says

    I was told on phone I have 20,000 extra Cash points…which cannot be combined with my thank you rewards with my Universal card…Having read the above comments ..I will not be using these points and thinking about a different credit card with benefits for their customers!

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