Marathon Gas Rewards Credit Card Offers 5% Gas Rebates

The Marathon gas rewards credit card is currently offering a 5% rebate on all purchases at Marathon gas stations and a 1% rebate on all other purchases.

The Marathon gas rewards card has no annual fee, and you’ll earn a 5% rebate on Marathon purchases and 1% everywhere else, excluding competing gas stations.

Apply for the Marathon Gas Rewards Credit Card to take advantage of the 5% rebate on gas purchases at Marathon.

Automatically Receive Your Rebates

Each time you earn $25 in rebates on your Marathon credit card, you will automatically be issued a $25 Marathon Cash Card that can be used towards purchases at Marathon gas stations.

Rebate Details

There is a maximum of $270 annually that can be earned through the standard 5% rebate on Marathon purchases, which is equal to $5,400 in net purchases annually or $450 per month in gas purchases. There is no maximum on the 1% rebate earned everywhere else.

Take advantage of the Marathon Platinum MasterCard gas rewards credit card to save money on your gas purchases at Marathon gas stations.

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  1. ray hayley says

    will I get a 1% reward if I use my Marathon Platnium card to pay a hospital bill?

    thank you – R Hayley

  2. Judith L. Coil says

    We have been using our Marathon gas card. We make a number of purchases for business and our farm. Is there a set amount you have to purchase to get your rebate? We have not received a rebate card and the local attendant did not seem to know anything about it when asked. Could you provide some information? Thank you for your time and attention.

    Judith L. Coil, Ph.D.
    2585 Glendale Road
    Marietta, OH 45750

  3. says

    Hello Judith,

    You should receive a $25 gift card once you earn $25 in cash rebates on your purchases.

    Here are some frequently asked questions regarding this Marathon gas credit card, including the phone number to call if you believe that you should have already received a bonus gift card.


    Do I get rebates on groceries that I purchase at Kroger or other items that I purchase at Superstores such as Wal-Mart, Meijer, etc.?

    Gasoline and convenience store purchases at non-Marathon gas stations will not earn any rebates. At Superstore and grocery locations that also sell gasoline, such as some Wal-Mart, Kroger and Meijer locations, purchases made at the gasoline islands will not earn any rebate. However, purchases made in the main store will continue to earn the 1% rebate.


    How can I use my Marathon Cash Card ?

    Your Marathon Cash Card is redeemable for gas and other goods and services at participating Marathon locations, except for the purchase of lottery tickets, money orders or additional prepaid cards.


    Will I receive rebates when I make purchases with my Marathon Cash Card?

    No, there will be no way to track such a transaction back to your card.


    Are the rebates separated – Marathon rebates sent to me in the form of a Marathon Cash Card and other rebates applied to my monthly bill?

    No, all rebates will be accumulated in a single total.


    Is there an expiration date or inactivity fee on the Marathon Cash Card?

    No. There are no applicable fees and no expiration date on the Marathon Cash Card.


    How do I know what my balance is on the cash card?

    Call 1-866-752-5378 on the back of the cash card and follow instructions.


    Can anyone use this cash card?

    Yes, in fact, we encourage you to give these cards as gifts to your friends and family.


    What if I lose my $25 Marathon Cash Card?

    Lost or stolen cards will not be replaced.


    What if I never received my $25 cash card in the mail?

    Call Chase Customer Service at 1-800-551-9268 to determine the status.


    When do earned rebates expire?

    Earned rebates will expire after 24 months if they have not accumulated enough to earn the reward of a $25 gift card.


    What kind of rewards will I earn with the Marathon card?

    The Marathon® Platinum MasterCard® earns you:

    5% Rebate on Marathon purchases
    1% Rebate on all other eligible purchases

    Periodically, they may offer an introductory rebate program in which you will earn double rebates (i.e. 10% Rebate on Marathon purchases and 2% Rebate on all other eligible purchases).

    Hope this provides the information you need. Thank you. Max

  4. Steve Gutierrez says

    I gassed up my car yesterday, because of the better than usual rebate offer at a station near Leitchfield Ky called “62 Stop and Shop”. When I got home I looked up the rebate info and found that it is a set amount of 5% and sometimes doubled.
    Well, this station was priced at $2.80.9 with a rebate price of $2.44.9, (12.7%). I feel that unless I really am getting a $.36 rebate per gallon, then I was simply “Bait’ed”, which upset’s me greatly. I have picture of sign & receipt which I can email to you.

  5. Paul says

    Same as Steve above. What is the answer to a station that posts a price that is not 5% lower but is 10% lower on one sign and 5% on another? False advertising I also took picture.

  6. Maxine Kimmel says

    I have tried to use my $25.00 cash card at two Marathon Stations in Muhlenberg county, Ky and it was denied both places.Where will I be able to use the card? It almost seems it more trouble than is is worth.I need an answer or I may have to go to another company.

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