Firstrade Broker Account Bonuses – 100 Free Trades, $200 Transfer Fees, Referral Bonuses and More

Firstrade online brokerage accounts offer a variety of new account bonuses when you open a Firstrade broker account.

Firstrade offers 100 free trades with a new account, a $50 Refer-A-Friend bonus, a $200 transfer fee rebate, and a $25 wire transfer fee rebate.

Check out these Firstrade Account Promotions to receive special bonuses when you open a new Firstrade account.

Firstrade 100 Free Trades

Get 100 commission-free trades when you open a new Firstrade regular investment account.

This offer is only valid for 1 new Firstrade account opened between April 9th and May 31, 2014.

To receive the 100 commission-free trades, the account must be funded with a minimum deposit of $5,000 (excluding Mutual Fund and Fixed Income products) within 30 days of the account opening date from an external bank or brokerage account.

This offer applies to new Firstrade regular investment accounts, excluding IRAs, Partnership, Corporate, Investment Club, ESA Education Planning Account, and Custodial Accounts.

You can receive up to 100 commission-free trades with a maximum value of $6.95 per online equity trade of stocks/ETFs priced at $1 or higher or options trades executed within 30 days of funding your new account.

Option contract charges along with exercise and assignment fees still apply.

Account must remain open with minimum funding required for participating in the offer for 12 months, or Firstrade may charge the account for the cash and commission credits awarded to the account.

This offer is not transferable and not valid with internal transfers, current Firstrade accounts, or with other offers.

There is a limit of 1 offer per account type.

Firstrade $50 Referral Program Bonus

The Firstrade Referral Program offers $50 for each friend that you refer to Firstrade.

Your friend will also benefit by receiving 100 commission-free trades.

$200 Transfer Fee Rebate to Firstrade

Firstrade will rebate your account transfer fee charged by another broker for up to $200 when you complete an account transfer of $10,000 or more in assets.

Firstrade will rebate the account transfer fee (ACATS only) charged by another brokerage for up to $200 per asset transfer.

Multiple account transfers are acceptable as long as the initial transfer has at least $10,000 in total asset value (excluding mutual funds and fixed income products), and subsequent transfers to existing accounts must have at least $20,000 in total asset value (excluding mutual funds and fixed income products).

This offer applies to new Firstrade regular investment accounts only, excluding IRAs, Partnership, Corporate, Investment Club, ESA Education Planning Account, and Custodial Accounts.

To receive the $200 credit, you must complete the Account Transfer Fee Rebate Form, and follow the submission instructions provided on the form.

Submissions must be received within 60 days of the transfer date.

The credit will be deposited to your account within 30 days of receipt of the Rebate Form and evidence of the transfer charge.

The minimum account funding must be maintained for at least 12 months.

$25 Wire Transfer Fee Rebate

You can receive a rebate on the fees charged by your bank for up to $25 when you wire funds into your Firstrade online trading account.

You must initiate an incoming wire transfer in the amount of $25,000 or more in order to qualify.

Once the funds arrive in your Firstrade account, you may submit a rebate request through

Rebate claims must be submitted online through your Firstrade account within 30 calendar days after receipt of the wired funds.

Eligible credits are posted within 30 days from the online submission.

This offer is valid for Individual, Joint, Custodial, Corporate, Trust, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, and LLC accounts only.

Take advantage of these Firstrade account promotions to earn cash bonuses, free brokerage trades, account transfer fee reimbursements, and more special offers from Firstrade.

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Sign up for your Firstrade account today to get a special Firstrade promo offer.


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