ShareBuilder $25 Referrals for Free Real-Time and Automatic Trade Credits

The ShareBuilder Tell a Friend referral program is now offering free real-time trades and automatic trade credits when current customers refer new customers to open ShareBuilder online trading accounts with a $25 sign-up bonus.

If you are a current ShareBuilder customer, the new ShareBuilder Tell a Friend referral tool allows you to refer friends using IM, Facebook, and Twitter, plus you can search your email contacts and send out referrals via email.

When a friend opens an account through your referral, you’ll receive your choice of 2 real-time or 5 automatic investment trade credits for up to a total of 5 referrals.

Your referrals also receive a $25 sign-up bonus when they open a new ShareBuilder account, so it’s a win-win opportunity.

You will receive the free trade credits within 2 to 4 weeks after your friend opens an account using your referral link.

Just visit the ShareBuilder Tell a Friend Referral Form to refer new customers to ShareBuilder using social networks, email, and IM.

If you don’t have a ShareBuilder account and want to receive the $25 bonus, you can simply sign up through the ShareBuilder $25 Bonus Link using promo code 25WCFA, and you’ll receive a $25 bonus from ShareBuilder after you make your first trade.

Take advantage of the new ShareBuilder Tell a Friend referral tool to refer new customers to ShareBuilder for free trades, plus new customers can get a $25 bonus when they open a free ShareBuilder account.

ShareBuilder offers free online brokerage accounts for trading stocks, investing in mutual funds, and more.

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