Chase Bonus Offers Program Provides Cash Back Deals for Debit or Liquid Card Customers

Chase debit card or Liquid card customers can earn cash back deals when shopping in-store or online at popular retailers through the Chase Bonus Offers program.

Chase Bonus Offers is a free cash rebate shopping program designed for Chase debit card and Chase Liquid card customers.

You can Shop Online at over 600 popular retailers to earn up to 20% cash back on your purchases.

Plus, you’ll receive Featured Offers that provide exclusive in-store shopping rebates on a regular basis for additional earning opportunities.

Just log in to if you have a Chase debit or Liquid card to view your exclusive offers and shop online at hundreds of stores.

Chase Bonus Offers Program Details

Chase will automatically credit the cash back that you earn into your Chase Checking Account or Chase Liquid Card statement within 1 to 2 statement cycles after the end of the month in which your qualifying purchases are made.

There is no limit to the amount of cash back rebates that you can earn.

Qualifying Purchases to Earn Chase Bonus Offers

Qualifying purchases are those made without using your PIN (Personal Identification Number).

They include: Purchases you sign for, Internet purchases, phone and mail order purchases, small dollar purchases that do not require a signature or PIN, and contactless purchases (purchases made by holding your blink-enabled card to a secure reader, where available, and when you don’t enter your PIN).

The following purchases do not qualify toward earning cash back: purchases authorized with your PIN, ATM transactions, non-U.S. purchases and cash transactions.

When paying with your Chase Debit or Chase Liquid Card, you may be asked to choose “Debit” or “Credit,” and you should always select “Credit” for your purchase to qualify.

For in-store purchases, you must choose “Credit” and not “Debit” and sign for your purchases instead of entering your PIN to qualify for cash back earnings.

Shop Online Cash Rebates

You can Shop Online from hundreds of popular merchants including Lowe’s,,, Kmart, Office Depot, Macy’s, JCP, and many offers.

You’ll earn up to 20% in cash rebates for your purchases, plus you can get access to special online discounts and promotional savings.

Featured Offers In-Store Rebates

You’ll receive access to exclusive Featured Offers on a regular basis.

These Featured Offers are only available for a limited time, and they are only available for purchases on your targeted card.

You must shop in-store with your card at the participating merchants in order to qualify for the cash rebates.

There is no need to register or enroll, just log in to your Chase Bonus Offers account and check the Featured Offers tab for your current promotions.

Shop Local Discounts and Special Offers

Shop Local offers are currently available in select markets, so you may see a Shop Local tab when you log in to your Chase Bonus Offers account.

If you have access to Shop Local in your area, you can browse local businesses and print coupons to receive special discounts when you visit their stores.

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Take advantage of the Chase Bonus Offers program to earn cash back at popular merchants if you have a Chase debit or Liquid card.

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