Citibank Checking Account Referrals for Cash Banking Bonuses

Citibank is currently offering Citibank checking account referrals that provide cash bonuses to existing and new Citibank checking account customers.

Current Citibank checking members can earn up to $500 in referral bonuses for referring new customers to open a Citibank checking account.

New Citibank checking account customers can earn up to $100 in banking bonuses when you open a Citibank checking account with a current customer referral form.

This Citibank referral program is only available at Citibank branches, as you cannot refer new customers or obtain referral forms online.

Current customers must inquire at a Citibank branch to receive the referral coupons, and new customers must use the referral coupons at a Citibank branch to qualify.

Check out the Citibank Checking Referral Program for more details on earning referral bonuses from Citibank.

The amount of bonus cash that both the referrer and referee receive depends on the type of new checking account that is opened by the new customer.

Citigold and CitiBusiness accounts qualify for $100 in referral bonuses, Citibank accounts qualify for $50, and Citibank EZ Checking accounts qualify for $25.

Citibank Referrer Details for Current Customers

You can earn $100 for each new Citigold Account, $25 for each new Citibank EZ Checking Account, or $50 each for each new Citibank Account.

You must have an existing checking account in the Citibank EZ Checking Account, Citibank Account, Citibank Everything Counts Account, or Citigold relationship package to be eligible.

There is a limit of 5 referrals per customer.

The cash bonus will be automatically deposited into your account within 120 days of verification of the new customer’s account opening.

Your account, and the account of the new checking customer that you referred, must be open and in good standing when the cash bonus is to be credited.

Citibank Referee Details for New Customers

To receive the $100 offer, you must open a new to Citibank checking account in the Citigold relationship package, or you can earn $25 for opening a new checking account in a Citibank EZ Checking Account relationship package, or $50 for a new Citibank Account relationship package.

Within 60 days of account opening, you must (1) fund the account with $1,000 or more (or $500 for a Citibank EZ Checking Account) and (2) complete 1 direct deposit, or 2 electronic bill payments, or 5 or more qualifying non-PIN purchase transactions using your Citibank Debit card and continue for 3 consecutive months.

Qualifying bill payments are those using Citibank Online, Citi Mobile, or CitiPhone Banking.

Qualifying non-PIN purchase transactions must be submitted through the MasterCard Network and are those for which either you or a merchant designates as a “credit” transaction (including purchases you sign for, small dollar purchases that do not require a signature, and use of your MasterCard PayPass), Internet, phone, and mail-order transactions.

Qualifying purchases do not include those initiated using a Personal Identification Number (PIN) or other transactions submitted through other payment processing networks.

Alternatively, to receive this offer for Citigold, you can elect to bring your Citigold account’s combined monthly average balances — including eligible deposits, loans, securities, and retirement products up to at least $100,000 (Or $250,000 — if you elect to include the outstanding amount of your Citibank first mortgage) within 6 months of opening an account.

There is a limit of 1 offer per Citibank customer.

This offer is not available on account conversions and cannot be combined with other offers.

The cash bonus will be credited to your account within 120 days of your satisfying the terms of this offer.

Your account must be open and in good standing when cash bonus is to be credited.

All referees must open a new eligible checking account by the expiration date of the coupon received from the branch.

Citibank Referral Program Details

Offers available only in Citibank branches.

Customer must be a citizen or resident alien of the United States (U.S.) with a valid U.S. taxpayer identification number to receive credit.

Offer applies to consumer accounts.

Citibank Business Account Referrals

There are some inconsistencies with the information regarding business accounts, as the promotional page shows that the CitiBusiness checking account is included, but the fine print excludes the business checking account, so it may have been added later and should be inquired about in person.

The fine print specifically indicates to “Ask for details on the terms that apply for referrals of new CitiBusiness checking accounts.”

So you should inquire about CitiBusiness account referrals in person.

Seeking Citibank Referrers

If you have a Citibank checking account and would like to refer new customers to Citibank, please feel free to leave your contact information in the comments section below for new customers to contact you to request a referral.

You will have to obtain your referral forms at your local Citibank branch and mail them to any potential new customers to receive your bonus, as a copied referral form will probably not qualify.

Take advantage of this Citibank checking referral promotion to earn cash bonuses when opening new checking accounts with Citibank.

Check out these additional Banking Bonus Offers as well for more bank promotions and banking referrals for checking accounts, savings accounts, and more banking deals.

Start referring new customers to open Citibank checking accounts today to earn cash banking bonuses from Citibank.


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    Here are some more details on the Citibank Member Get Member program from the Citibank Help section, which also indicates Citibank student checking accounts may qualify for referral bonuses as well as other Member Get Member program information:

    What is Member Get Member?

    Member Get Member is a Citibank program that allows current Citibank customers to refer up to five new clients to open eligible Citibank regular checking accounts. Both you and the new clients can receive a cash incentive ranging from $25 to $100. The amount you get for a referral depends on the type of account opened by new clients.

    To refer new clients, do I need to have a particular account?

    Yes. You can refer new clients as long as you currently have one of these accounts:

    * Citigold Account
    * Eligible CitiBusiness accounts
    * The Citibank Account
    * Citibank EZ Checking
    * Citibank Everything Counts account
    * Citibank Student account

    New Checking Account Type (You get/They get)
    Citigold Account ($100/$100)
    Eligible CitiBusiness Account ($100/$100)
    Citibank Account ($50/$50)
    Citibank EZ Checking Account ($25/$25)
    Citibank Student Account* ($10/$10)

    * Please note that if you have a Citibank Student Checking account you can only get a cash incentive for referring new Citibank Student Checking accounts.

    I want to participate. How do I get started?

    Just follow these simple steps:

    Step 1. Visit any Citibank branch and speak with a Citibank Representative, who will enroll you in Member Get Member and print up to five personalized coupons for you.

    Step 2. Give the coupon to a friend, family member or business associate. Tell them to bring this coupon to a Citibank branch when they open their new Citibank account.

    You’ll receive your cash bonus within 120 days after the new customer opens an eligible Citibank account. Please see the coupon for additional details.

    What do new customers have to do to get their bonus?

    New clients need to open and fund their account, and perform specific activities depending upon the account opened. Please see the coupon for additional details.

    Can a new customer start referring customers as well?

    Yes. Ask a Citibank Representative to provide you with coupons that you can give to friends, family or business associates.

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