HSBC Advance Checking Relationship $150 Bonus Offer

Start a new HSBC Advance relationship with a qualifying balance of $25,000 or more through July 3, 2014, to receive a $150 bonus deposit to your HSBC Advance checking account.

You must open an HSBC Advance checking account and deposit $25,000 in new money within 30 days and maintain the $25,000 balance for 6 months to qualify for this $150 bonus.

How To Earn $150 HSBC Advance Checking Bonus

1. Visit the HSBC Advance $150 Promotional Page to get started.

2. Begin a new U.S. HSBC Advance relationship by opening an HSBC Advance checking account from May 12, 2014, through July 3, 2014.

3. Fund your account with a minimum of $25,000 in new money within 30 days of account opening.

4. Maintain an average minimum balance of $25,000 in deposit balances for 6 consecutive months following the funding date.

5. Your HSBC Advance checking account must be open and in good standing at the time of the $150 bonus deposit to your checking account, which will occur within 4 to 6 weeks after all minimum funding balance requirements have been met.

There is a limit of 1 bonus per customer.

Alternative HSBC Advance Bonus for 15,000 Points

Alternatively, you can get 15,000 Platinum MasterCard Cash or Fly Rewards Program bonus points.

If you would prefer to earn the 15,000 bonus points, then in addition to the above requirements for the $150 bonus, you must also apply and be approved for an HSBC Platinum MasterCard with Cash or Fly Rewards credit card from May 12, 2014, through July 3, 2014.

HSBC Advance Relationship Checking Account Details

To qualify for an HSBC Advance relationship, you need to open an HSBC Advance checking account and maintain $15,000 in combined U.S. personal deposit and investment balances ($25,000 required for $150 bonus).

Business owners may use your commercial balances to qualify for a personal HSBC Advance relationship.

A monthly maintenance fee of $20 will be incurred if minimum balance requirements are not maintained.

There is also an HSBC Premier Relationship $500 Bonus available that requires minimum funding of $100,000.

Take advantage of this HSBC Advance checking bonus to get an extra $150 when you deposit $25,000 or more for 6 months.

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