Citibank Ultimate Money Account $50 Bonus Offer

Citibank is offering a $50 Bonus to open an Ultimate Money Savings Account by August 31, 2007.

The great thing is that when you apply online or by phone for both a Citibank Ultimate Money Account and a regular checking account in the Free Citibank EZ Checking Package, your accounts will be free of monthly maintenance fees and per-check fees. There will also be no minimum account balance or direct deposit requirements.

The other benefit to the Citibank Ultimate Money Account is that when you make 2 payments per month at, Citi Mobile or Citiphone Banking from your linked checking account, you’ll get a high APY of 5.00%.

If you choose not to pay bills online, you will still get a 4.5% APY, so you can earn some pretty nice interest on your savings either way.

However, the best part of the deal is the $50 bonus offer.

As long as you’re a new Citibank deposit account customer and you apply for both the Citibank Ultimate Money Account and a regular checking account in the free Citibank EZ Checking package before August 31, 2007, you’ll get the $50 bonus deposited into your account.

To get the $50 bonus offer, you’ll need to mention the promotional code CYJE when you call 1-877-624-9600 to apply for the account or make sure to enter that code when you apply online. The above link should automatically apply code CYJE when you apply online, but make sure.

You’ll also get up to a 5.00% APY with absolutely no maintenance fees on either of your accounts. It’s a great way to start your banking relationship with Citibank.

If you already have a Citibank checking account, you can choose to link your current account to your new Ultimate Money Account to receive the high APY of 5.00%. However, you must be a new Citibank customer to qualify for the $50 bonus cash offer.

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Thanks and enjoy Maximizing Money.

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