Finance Large Purchases with Credit Cards to Save Money

Credits cards are a great way to finance large purchases that you will be able to pay off within one year.

If you need something now, but don’t have the money, or you have the money, but don’t want to part with your savings, simply make your purchase on a credit card with a 0% introductory rate for at least one year.

You’ll have the benefit of being able to pay off your purchases over the entire year, without having to pay any extra money in interest.

Many credit cards with 0% introductory rates also offer cash rebates on your purchases, so you’ll save additional money when you use the card. With a cash rebate of only 1%, you could save an extra $10 for every $1,000 you spend.

There are 3 important features you’ll want to look for in your credit card:

1. 0% Introductory Rate for at Least 12 Months
2. No Annual Fee
3. Cash Back Rebate Bonus

This way, you’ll have an entire year to pay off your purchases without interest, you won’t have to pay any extra in annual fees, and you’ll earn additional savings for your purchases.

It’s important for you to pay off your purchases within the year, because the standard interest rate after the 12 months have expired could really cut into your savings.

It’s even more important to pay any minimum payments on time, because if you are late on any of your payments, the interest rate could default to a much higher APR and you could be stuck with the payments.

If you still have balances remaining when the 12 months are about to end or you accidentally make a late payment, you may want to read some of these tips on Credit Card Balance Transfers.

We have compiled credit cards below that all offer 0% interest rates on purchases, no annual fees, and cash rebate bonuses as well. Even if the cash rebate is only 1%, that’s an extra $50 in your pocket when you spend $5,000.

These credit cards are great for financing large purchases or if you need some extra spending power and you plan to carry a balance.

All of the above cards have the features you need to finance your large purchases today.

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