Graze Offers Free Boxes of Snacks via Referral Program

The Graze snack delivery service is offering new members your 1st and 5th Graze boxes for free through their referral program.

Plus, new members can cancel the service online after the first free box is delivered with no commitments or further requirements.

That means you can get 1 free box of snacks without ever paying a cent, or you can continue your subscription to get your 5th box of snacks for free as well.

How Graze Works

Graze Referral Program

Graze sends you a fresh nibblebox in the mail every 2 weeks, and your mail carrier will deliver your first box within 14 days.

You’ll get your 1st box free and your 5th box free when you join through a current member’s referral.

Your other snack boxes will cost $6.49 each, which includes shipping and handling.

You only pay per box, so there’s no commitment.

Free Snack Boxes for New Graze Members

Graze friendcode Referral Program

Just use this Graze Referral Link that was provided by a reader or use Graze friendcode TOBIAS7YB when you join to get your 1st and 5th snack boxes for free.

You can cancel at anytime (including after your first box) in order to avoid ever paying charges, so you can basically just get 1 box of snacks for free if you want.

You’ll get your 1st and 5th Graze boxes completely free, and you can cancel anytime you want with online cancellation available to make things even easier.

You do need to enter your payment card when you join to verify your details for your first free box.

After that, they charge per box, so you can cancel anytime online.

If you just want your first free box, you must make sure to cancel by the scheduled deadline before your second box is prepared to be shipped.

You can make changes or cancel your boxes up to 11 PM EST every other Monday.

Graze Referral Program

Graze friendcode Referral Code Free Snack Boxes

Once you join Graze, you can participate in their referral program.

Just share your friendcode, and you’ll get $1 off your next box for each friend that signs up.

Plus, your friends will get their 1st and 5th boxes for free, so everybody wins.

You can share your friendcode online, by email, and via Facebook and Twitter.

The only rules are that your friendcode can’t be used in conjunction with other offers, and you can only use 1 reward per box ($1 discount per box).

Once you’ve claimed your discounts, they’ll apply them automatically to your orders when they get sent.

Graze Video Review

Check out this review of my Graze snack boxes.

Sign up for Graze snacks today to get your 1st and 5th boxes free.

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