Lending Club $25 Investor Sign-Up Bonus with Lending Club Referral Program Promotion

Lending Club is currently offering a $25 new lender account bonus when you are referred by a current Lending Club member.

Offer Expired: At this time, Lending Club has informed me that they are not offering cash bonuses to new investors.

You will receive $25 on an initial investment of $2,500 or more when you sign up for your new account through a current Lending Club customer referral.

How To Earn Your $25 New Account Bonus

You can sign up through this $25 Lending Club Referral Link to receive your $25 new Lending Club account cash bonus.

You may also email MaximizingMoney@gmail.com to request a Lending Club referral email, which we will be more than happy to send to you.

Just sign up through the Lending Club referral link to receive a $25 cash bonus when you make an initial investment of $2,500 or more.

In order to receive the bonus, you must actually invest your new funds in Lending Club member loans.

Current Lending Club members do not earn a bonus for referring new members, so only the referred new member will benefit from this promotion.

There is also a Lending Club New Investor Bonus if you intend to invest a large amount of funds into your new Lending Club account.

Take advantage of this Lending Club promotional offer to earn a cash bonus with your new Lending Club account.

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