Lending Club Bonus – 2% Cash Rebate for New Lending Club Investors

Lending Club is offering a 2% cash bonus to new customers who sign up and open a Lending Club investment account.

Lending Club offers investors the opportunity to earn net annualized returns with an average rate of 9.68%, plus you can earn the 2% Lending Club cash bonus when you open an investment account and make an initial investment within 45 days.

Lending Club 2% Bonus Promotion

Open a new Lending Club investment account and invest within 45 days to earn a 2% cash bonus.

You must sign up through the below promo banner or through this Lending Club 2% Promotional Link to earn the free 2% Lending Club bonus.

To receive your bonus, all funds must be newly transferred to your account within 45 days of your registration date, continuously maintained in your Lending Club account and fully invested on the Lending Club platform within 45 days of your registration date.

Your bonus, if any, will be deposited in your Lending Club account within 15 business days following the determination of your eligibility.

This offer may be discontinued at any time without notice.

Transactions in the secondary market (the trading platform operated in by FolioFN) do not count as “investing funds” or towards unlocking the bonus.

This bonus payment is taxable so please consult with your personal tax advisor. You are responsible for any taxes related to this offer.

This offer is void where otherwise prohibited. This offer may not be combined with any other offer.

Lending Club High Net Annualized Returns

Lending Club offers high net annualized returns with an average rate of 9.68%.

These are extremely high return rates from a relatively secure investment in comparison to current stock conditions or CD rates.

Lending Club Rising Loan Originations

Lending Club loan originations have steadily increased over the last several months, resulting in more opportunities for investors to earn high returns.

Lending Club only issues loans to high-quality borrowers, so they have an extremely low default rate on their loans.

Lending Club also allows investors to spread their investment portfolios across tens or hundreds of qualified borrowers, which results in even more security for investors.

Read our full Lending Club Review for more details on the Lending Club network.

Take advantage of this Lending Club 2% bonus offer to open a free investment portfolio with Lending Club to earn high net annualized returns on secure investments.


  1. Kim says

    Thanks for offering this promotion. I’ve been wanting to try it out for weeks now. I have a $5k CD that just expired and I’m floored by the CD rates at the moment. Also online banks are not paying more than 2%. What is your experience with Lending Club so far?

  2. Gary says

    Be careful of high return investment offers. the higher the return thge higher the risk. Just ask Bernie Madoff!

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