Lending Club Recurring Transfer Cash Bonus Program

Lending Club is offering up to a 1.5% bonus on invested funds through the Recurring Transfer Cash Bonus Program.

If you are a Lending Club investor, you can earn up to a 1.5% cash bonus on your investments when you set up a recurring transfer.

You’ll earn 1% on at least $200 or 1.5% on $500 or more with recurring transfers to Lending Club.

Here’s How to Get Your Bonus

1. Sign up for a Lending Club Investment Account if you are not already a member.

2. Log in to your Lending Club account, where you’ll see the Recurring Transfer Cash Bonus Program featured on the right side of your account interface.

3. Enroll in the Recurring Transfer Cash Bonus Program.

4. Schedule and maintain a recurring transfer of more than $200 a month.

5. Invest your transferred funds within 60 days of the transfer.

6. Your bonus will be paid on a trailing 3-month basis on or before the 15th of the month.

Lending Club Recurring Transfer Bonus Terms

To receive your bonus, all funds must be newly transferred via a scheduled recurring ACH transfer and continuously maintained in your Lending Club account until fully invested.

Existing account balances and deposits will not be counted towards satisfaction of the necessary load to earn this bonus.

Bonus will be based upon the total net new recurring funds loaded and continuously maintained on the platform during the required period.

Bonus will be locked and only available for investing once all of the newly loaded funds are invested on the platform.

Your bonus, if any, will be deposited in your Lending Club account by the 15th day of the third month past the initial transfer providing the scheduled recurring transfer has been maintained over the entirety of the 3 months.

There is only 1 bonus per tax ID.

Program may be discontinued at any time without notice.

Failure to fully invest the new funds within 60 days will result in your forfeiture of the bonus amount and its automatic withdrawal by Lending Club.

Transactions in the secondary market (the trading platform operated in by FolioFN) do not count as “investing funds” or towards unlocking the bonus.

You are responsible for any taxes related to this offer.

This offer may not be combined with any other offer.

Lending Club Sign-Up Bonuses for New Accounts

Lending Club Investor Bonus – Get a bonus when you open a new Lending Club investment account.

Take advantage of this Lending Club investment bonus offer to earn up to 1.5% in cash bonuses when you set up a recurring transfer.

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