Motif Investing Creator Royalty Program Pays You Money

Motif Investing has introduced a new Creator Royalty Program that pays you money when you create a Motif that other people invest in.

Motif Investing allows you to invest in stocks by purchasing collections of up to 30 stocks or exchange-traded funds for $9.95.

These stock collections that are based around a theme are known as Motifs.

Now, when you build your own Motif, you will earn $1 for each person who subsequently invest in it.

How the Motif Creator Royalty Program Works

1. Just open a Motif Investing Account to get started.

2. Build your own Motif.

3. Join the Creator Royalty Program and select the option to add your Motifs to the program.

4. When another customer buys or rebalances your Motif, you will receive compensation through a royalty payment of $1 per person.

An approved Motif Investing brokerage account is required to apply for the Creator Royalty Program.

There are no fees for either the brokerage account or to join the Creator Royalty Program.

If you are full of investment ideas, then this is a great way to get compensated for creating your own collections of stocks to invest in and then sharing your ideas.

If you don’t already have an account with them, then you can get this $150 Motif Investing Bonus when you open a new account.

Start participating in the Creator Royalty Program to get paid for your Motif investment ideas.

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