WiseBanyan Investment Service Referral Program for Immediate Access

WiseBanyan is a free financial advisor and online investment service, similar to Betterment and Wealthfront, which invests your money into a tailored selection of stocks and bonds through domestic and international exchange traded funds (ETFs) based on your investor profile.

Right now, there is a waiting list to sign up for a WiseBanyan account, but the WiseBanyan referral program will let you skip the line when you refer 5 of your friends to register for the waiting list.

Just visit WiseBanyan and enter your email address to sign up for their waiting list, which can take about a month or so, depending on the current demand.

From your wait list page, you can access a unique referral link that will allow you to skip the line and get immediate access when you refer 5 of your friends to join the waiting list.

I’m not looking to join WiseBanyan at this time, but I thought there might be some interested readers, so you can feel free to exchange WiseBanyan referral links in the comments section below this article.

I’ll also exchange the direct link to WiseBanyan.com that is listed above with the first referral link that is posted by a reader, and then once they get access, I’ll replace it with the next reader’s referral link, and so on.

If you want more details about using WiseBanyan, check out My Money Blog’s Review, as he recently opened an account.


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