Investment Account Bonuses and Broker Deals

You can get cash bonuses when you open new online brokerage and investment accounts.

Take advantage of these investing opportunities to get free cash rewards, commission-free trades, and other bonuses from a variety of online brokerage accounts, retirement accounts, and alternative investment accounts for all types of investors.

Ally Bank

Ally Bank IRA – Earn up to $500 in bonus cash with a new or existing Ally IRA CD or IRA Online Savings account through May 31, 2015.

BancWest Investment Services

BancWest $2,500 Investment Bonus – BancWest Investment Services, a division of Bank of the West, will give new and existing customers up to $2,500 in bonus cash for transferring assets.


Betterment provides automated investment services that allow you to invest your money in a diverse portfolio of stocks and bonds with an adjustable risk allocation system that you can easily update to suit your current investing needs.

You can get a Betterment Account Free 60 Days Promotion with a $500 deposit, and there are no minimum balance requirements.

Betterment IRA Rollover Promotion – Get up to $599 in bonus cash when you roll over a 401(k) or IRA to a Betterment IRA.

Betterment SEP IRA Offer – Get up to 1 year free when you open a Betterment SEP IRA by July 31, 2015.

You can now invest in Betterment IRAs to get Traditional or Roth IRAs from Betterment.

Read our Interview with Betterment CEO Jon Stein for more information about investing with Betterment.


Blooom is a 401(k) management service that offers online retirement planning.

Blooom Referral Program – Get a free month of Blooom services via their refer-a-friend program.

Capital One ShareBuilder

Capital One ShareBuilder offers online stock trading with low fees that are great for new investors, as accounts are free and have no minimum investment requirements.

ShareBuilder Investment Account up to $600 Bonus Offers – Get up to $600 in bonus cash when you fund your new account with at least $5,000 OR get $50 with just 1 trade and no minimum funding required.

ShareBuilder IRAs up to $600 Bonus – Earn up to $600 when you roll over an old 401(k) or transfer an existing IRA to a new ShareBuilder IRA that is opened by December 31, 2015.

ShareBuilder Free Trade Credits – If you already have a ShareBuilder account, enter these promotional codes to get free trade credits.

Capital One ShareBuilder $50 Custodial Account Promo – Earn a $50 bonus when you open a Capital One ShareBuilder Custodial Account that allows you to invest on behalf of a minor with an account in your name, valid through June 30, 2015.

This United MileagePlus ShareBuilder Promotion offers 2,000 bonus miles with your new investing account.

This Capital One ShareBuilder US Airways Bonus offers 2,500 bonus Dividend Miles with your new Capital One ShareBuilder account.

This Capital One ShareBuilder Delta SkyMiles Promotion offers up to 3,500 bonus miles.

Check out this Costco Member Capital One ShareBuilder Bonus to earn a cash reward from Capital One ShareBuilder if you are a Costco member.

There is also a Capital One ShareBuilder $100 Account Transfer Fee Credit when you switch brokerage accounts to Capital One ShareBuilder.

The Capital One 360 Black Friday Sale offers special promotions for Capital One ShareBuilder and other Capital One 360 accounts for 4 days once a year starting on Black Friday.

The Capital One 360 Financial Independence Days Sale occurs each year for special offers on Capital One ShareBuilder accounts.

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab offers online trading with professional investment tools and personal guidance for portfolios both large and small.

Charles Schwab Investment Account Promotions – Get $100 in bonus cash with a new retail brokerage account or 300 commission-free trades via these special promotions for brokerage accounts from Charles Schwab.

Citi International Personal Bank

Citi International Personal Bank is the international investment arm of Citigroup that helps clients invest and protect their wealth internationally.

Participate in the Citi International Personal Bank Referral Program to earn $500 bonus rewards and more when you refer new clients to Citi International Personal Bank.

DCU Financial

Take advantage of this DCU Financial $75 Retirement Plan Bonus for a limited time when you rollover an old IRA, 401(k), 403(b), 457, or TSA into an IRA with DCU Financial.


eToro offers an online social investment network with free platform downloads, no commissions, and extensive financial trading tools.

Check out the eToro Promotional Offers to earn bonuses when you open a new eToro currency trading account.


E*Trade provides online trading accounts with full investment services.

ETRADE $2,500 Account Bonus Promotion – Earn up to $2,500 in bonus cash when you open a new ETRADE investment account or individual retirement account, valid through December 31, 2015.

Farmers Insurance Group Federal Credit Union

FIGFCU IRA Bonus – Earn up to $250 in bonus cash when you rollover your IRA to FIGFCU by April 15, 2015.


Fidelity investment services offer online trading tools and investment strategies.

Get up to a $2,500 Fidelity IRA or Brokerage Bonus when you open and fund a new account or add to an existing one with qualifying deposits.

Fidelity IRA Match – Get up to a 10% matching bonus on your IRA contributions for the next 3 years with a Fidelity IRA.

New or existing Fidelity account holders can participate in this Fidelity $500 Apple Gift Card Bonus Offer when you deposit qualifying funds into your Fidelity account, valid through October 14, 2015.

Check out this Fidelity 200 Free Trades Promotion to get up to 200 free trades with your new or existing Fidelity account.

You can also get Free Fidelity Trades for 1 Year with a new or current IRA or brokerage account.

Review these Fidelity Airline Rewards Program Offers to earn up to 50,000 bonus airline miles for opening and/or funding a Fidelity account.

Fidelity account holders can get free access to TurboTax Premier from Fidelity just for being a member.

You can also earn Fidelity Rewards Credit Card Rebates to get a full 2% cash back on all of your purchases when you deposit them directly into your Fidelity account.


Firstrade offers online trading with no hidden fees.

Review the Firstrade $50 Referral Program to refer new customers to Firstrade.

Check out these other Firstrade New Account Promotions to receive cash bonuses, broker account transfer fee rebates, and more with your new Firstrade online broker account.


The FutureAdvisor investment management service helps you diversify your investment portfolio and save on investment fees.

FutureAdvisor Free Management Promotion – Get up to 6 months of free Premium investment management services from FutureAdvisor.


GoalMine allows you to create investment goals with mutual funds or a savings account, and you can deposit funds from unused gift cards into your GoalMine account.

The GoalMine Referral Program offers a $25 new account bonus when you sign up for GoalMine, plus current GoalMine members can earn $10 for each new customer that you refer.

HSBC Securities

Open an HSBC Securities Brokerage Account along with a new HSBC Premier relationship to earn a $150 brokerage account bonus, plus up to $750 in total with your HSBC Premier relationship, valid through November 21, 2014.

Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers offers online broker accounts that provide low costs, comprehensive reporting, global offerings, trading technology, and risk management.

Interactive Brokers Trader Referral Program – Earn a $200 bonus for each new customer that you refer to Interactive Brokers.


Kapitall is an intuitive and playful online brokerage platform that integrates the gaming experience into investing. Kapitall accounts are free to open and maintain.

Kapitall IRAs and Robo Portfolios – You can now get commission-free trades with a fee-free IRA and no advisory fees on a Robo Portfolio until 2016 with Kapitall.

M&T Securities

M&T Securities offers a variety of investment options.

M&T Securities $500 IRA Bonus – Earn up to $500 in bonus cash when you transfer or rollover assets into a new or existing Traditional or Roth IRA with M&T Securities by December 31, 2015.

MB Trading

MB Trading allows you to trade stocks and options with cash, margin, and retirement accounts.

MB Trading 100 Free Trades – Get 100 commission-free stock and options trades with a new MB Trading account.

Meriwest Credit Union

This Meriwest Investment Bonus offers up to $750 in rewards cash when you invest in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds as well as private placements, available in the Greater Bay Area of California, or Tucson, Arizona.

Merrill Edge

Merrill Edge offers online trading of stocks, bonds, options, and exchange traded funds (ETFs) with streaming and real-time quotes as well as portfolio tracking tools.

Merrill Edge $600 CMA or IRA Bonus – Earn up to $600 in bonus cash plus 300 free trades when you open a Merrill Edge CMA or IRA with qualifying funding.

Review these 2015 Merrill Edge Account Bonuses to earn up to $600 with an IRA or investment account, plus get $50 with a 529 college savings plan.

Open a self-directed cash management account to get 30 Free Merrill Edge Trades per month when you maintain a qualifying balance with Merrill Edge or Bank of America.

Review these other Merrill Edge Promotions to earn up to $350 in rewards benefits when you open and fund a new Merrill Edge brokerage account and IRA.

Motif Investing

Motif Investing allows you to invest in motifs, which are portfolios of up to 30 stocks, for a low $9.95 commission. Motif Investing allows investors to create diverse portfolios while spreading out risk.

You can currently get a $150 Motif Investing New Account Bonus for a limited time.

Motif Investing IRA $150 Bonus – Transfer at least $5,000 from another IRA to your new Motif Investing IRA to earn a $150 bonus through December 31, 2015.

The Motif Investing Referral Program provides a $100 bonus to both new and current members.

You can also participate in the Motif Investing Creator Royalty Program to get paid money for creating Motifs that other people invest in.

Muriel Siebert

Muriel Siebert offers online trading and investment tools with professional services.

Muriel Siebert Free Trades Offer – Get 10 free trades when you open a new Muriel Siebert account, plus earn additional free trades for referring new clients.


OptionsHouse is an online stock and option broker that deliveres a streamlined trading experience on a professional-grade trading platform. OptionsHouse’s flat-rate commission structure offers online trading with no escalating fees, regardless of size. OptionsHouse, LLC, is a licensed FINRA broker-dealer that was founded in 2005 and is a subsidiary of proprietary option-trading firm, PEAK6 Investments, L.P., which was established in 1997.

Make sure you review these OptionsHouse Promotional Offers before you open an account.


OptionsXpress offers online stock trading, options, futures, ETFs, and other investment strategies with professional trading tools to provide you with the market information you need to make wise investments.

OptionsXpress $100 Account Bonus – Get a $100 cash bonus when you open a new OptionsXpress account, fund it with at least $500, and execute 3 trades within 12 months of account opening, valid through December 31, 2015.

OptionsXpress 50 Free Trades Offer – Open an OptionsXpress account by March 31, 2015, and deposit $5,000 in cash or securities to receive 50 free trades worth $750.

OptionsXpress $150 Amazon Gift Card Bonus – Get a $150 Gift Card when you deposit at least $1,000 and make 10 trades, valid through December 31, 2015.

There is also an OptionsXpress Referral Program Bonus that is available from time to time.

Orange County Credit Union

Orange County Retirement and Investment Services will give you a $75 gift card to invest $25,000 or more by December 31, 2014, with membership open to select California residents.

Plus500 (CFD Trading)

Plus500 is a leading provider of Contracts for Difference (CFDs), which are basically financial derivatives (also known as Traded Options).

Plus500 New Account Bonus – Earn up to $10,000 in bonus cash when you open a new account with Plus500 and trade CFDs.


Prosper is a peer lending network that allows you to invest in personal loans. now offers a Prosper IRA for investors that has no fees when you maintain a qualifying balance.

You can participate in the Prosper Referral Program to earn referral bonuses when you refer new borrowers to get Prosper loans.


Questrade is a Canadian brokerage account provider that lets you trade U.S. and Canadian stocks, options, and forex with low 1¢ per share, $4.95 minimum / $9.95 maximum commissions.

Learn how to get a Questrade New Account Bonus Offer when you open a new account and trade online with Questrade.

RBC Direct Investing (Canada)

RBC Direct Investing is available to residents of Canada.

20 Free Trades with RBC Direct Investing – Get 20 free trades to use within your first year when you open an RBC Direct Investing account by March 31, 2015.


Robinhood offers zero-commission stock brokerage accounts with no minimum account balance requirement to open a cash account.

Participate in the Robinhood Referral Program to skip ahead in the waiting queue for a chance to join Robinhood early.


Scottrade is an online investment brokerage with full Internet trading services.

Scottrade up to $2,000 Brokerage Account Bonus – Earn up to $2,000 in bonus cash for new or existing Scottrade brokerage accounts funded by June 30, 2015.

Check out this Scottrade Referral Bonus Offer to get free online trades when you open a Scottrade account.

Review this alternative Scottrade Free Trades Offer to get 5 free trades and a $100 account transfer reimbursement bonus.

You can also Trade Free for 70 Days with Scottrade if you are a new Scottrade brokerage client.

Sliced Investing

Sliced Investing allows accredited investors to invest in hedge funds for a little as $10,000.

Sliced Investing $5,000 Bonus Offer – Earn up to $5,000 in bonus rewards from Sliced Investing through June 1, 2015.


SogoTrade offers online trading accounts with full investment services.

Take advantage of the SogoTrade 100 Free Trade Promotion to get 100 free trades or an account transfer reimbursement bonus from SogoTrade.

Check out the SogoTrade 25 Free Trades Referral Program Bonus as well to earn 25 free trades for each new SogoTrade customer that you refer.

You can also use the SogoTrade McAfee Promotion to get a free 1-year subscription for McAfee VirusScan Plus with SiteAdvisor software.


SpeedTrader allows you to buy, sell, or trade stock options and stocks through their powerful trading platform, software, and tools with both pre- and post-market trading available.

SpeedTrader $100 Referral Bonus – Get a $100 bonus when you refer your friends to SpeedTrader by June 1, 2015.

State Farm

State Farm Mutual Fund IRA – Earn up to $500 in bonus shares with a State Farm IRA through June 15, 2015.

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade provides Internet trading with advanced investment tools and full customer assistance for all types of investors.

This TD Ameritrade $2,500 Cash Bonus is available for new accounts opened by December 31, 2015.

The ThinkorSwim by TD Ameritrade Referral Program offers current users a $50 bonus for each new customer that you refer to use the ThinkorSwim trading platform.


Tickmill is a regulated global securities broker focusing on indices, commodities, CFDs, FX, and precious metals, serving both institutional and retail clients throughout the world.

Tickmill $50 Account Bonus – Open a new Tickmill account to earn a $50 bonus.


TradeKing offers professional trading tools for making sound investments.

TradeKing $200 New Account Bonus – Open a TradeKing account by May 31, 2015, with a minimum of $3,000 and make 3 trades to earn this $200 bonus for a limited time.

TradeKing Black Friday Promotion – Get a $50 bonus with a new TradeKing account from November 28th to December 1, 2014.

TradeKing $1,000 Free Trade Commissions – Get $1,000 in free trade commissions when you open your new TradeKing account by June 30, 2015, and fund it with $5,000 or more.

The TradeKing $50 Referral Program is currently active with a $50 bonus for both new customers and current customers when you exchange TradeKing referrals.

TradeKing also offers a $150 TradeKing Account Transfer Bonus when you switch brokerage accounts to TradeKing.

The $150 transfer fee reimbursement offer also applies to TradeKing No-Fee IRA Accounts.


Trade stocks, options, futures, and forex from the TradeStation platform with low commission rates and a variety of helpful online services and account features.

TradeStation Free Trades for 90 Days – Trade free for 90 days when you open and fund a new brokerage account by June 30, 2015.

TradeStation $500 Commission Rebates and Free Trades – Get up to $500 in commission rebates and trade commission-free for 90 days when you open and fund a new TradeStation brokerage account by June 30, 2015.


USAA brokerage accounts offer trades as low as $5.95 with a variety of research tools to maximize your investments.

Check out this USAA Free Trades Offer to earn 50 free trades when you open a new USAA account through June 30, 2015.


Vanguard provides full-service investment accounts for online trades.


Wealthfront is an automated investment service that manages a diversified, continually rebalanced portfolio of index funds for you with no advisory fee charged on the first $10,000 in assets.

Wealthfront Invite Program – Participate in Wealthfront’s referral program to get an extra $5,000 of assets with waived advisory fees.


WellsTrade is an online brokerage firm that offers Internet trading tools for successful investment strategies.

Zecco Forex

Zecco Forex offers a free $10,000 online forex trading practice account to help get you started. Get powerful forex platforms, tight forex spreads, charts, research, and more with Zecco Forex.

Zecco Trading

Zecco Trading offers online trading tools and investment accounts.

Read our review of Zecco Online Brokerage Accounts.

Start investing today with these online trading account deals, investment promotions, and brokerage account bonus offers.

Review this directory of online trading account promotions, investment account bonuses, and brokerage deals for the best investing offers from a variety of companies.


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