10 Referral Programs That Your Friends Will Thank You For Mentioning

If you’re the type of person that likes to tell your friends about new offers and special promotions, then check out this list of referral program bonuses that your friends will thank you for mentioning.

This list includes a wide variety of referral programs from different retailers and service providers for all types of friends.

The best part is that both parties benefit from all of these referral offers, so both you and your friends will receive a bonus when your referral completes the qualifying activities.

These are all nationally available offers, so you can tell your friends wherever they live.

Take advantage of these referral program promotions to earn a sign-up bonus when you open a new account and get extra cash rewards when you refer your friends.

For Friends Who Like To Shop

If your friends like to shop online, have them check out these cash rebate shopping networks, and you’ll both earn a bonus when they join.

1. Ebates $5 Referral Bonus – The Ebates shopping network offers a $5 sign-up bonus when you join and make a purchase of $25 or more, plus you get $5 for each new member that you refer.

2. Mr. Rebates $5 Referral Bonus – Mr. Rebates is an another shopping network that offers both a $5 sign-up bonus and a $5 referral bonus.

For Friends Who Like To Save

Help your friends save a little extra money with these financial referral programs.

3. Capital One 360 Referral Program – Capital One 360 offers a bonus to both customers when a current member refers a new member to open a savings account.

4. Personal Capital Referral Bonus – Personal Capital is an online money management service that offers both new and current members a $10 bonus via PayPal through their referral program.

For Friends Who Need a Line of Credit

If your friends need a credit card and want to earn some extra cash, check out these credit card referral programs.

5. Discover Card Referral Program – Discover Card members can get a $50 bonus, plus your friends can get $50 when they apply for a new card and meet the qualifications.

6. AMEX Card Referrals – American Express card members can also share referral bonuses with new members.

For Friends Who Want To Invest

If your friends are looking to invest or dreaming about retirement, they may be interested in these investment account referral programs.

7. Betterment Referral Program – The Betterment investing service offers current members a $10 bonus and new members a $25 bonus through their referral program.

8. TradeKing Referral Program – TradeKing brokerage accounts offer both customers a $50 bonus through their referral program.

For Friends Who Watch Too Much TV

If your friends are glued to the tube, make sure that they’re getting the best service possible with these satellite TV services.

9. DIRECTV Referral Program – DIRECTV customers can earn $100 off your bill for each new customer that you refer, plus your friends get $100 off their bill when they join.

10. DISH Network Referral Program – Current DISH customers can earn $50 per referral, and new customers get a $50 discount for joining as well.

Enjoy reviewing these various merchant referral offers, and please feel free to provide your referrals in the comments section of the individual articles.

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