Cabsolutely App Referral Program for $100 in Free Cab Rides

The Cabsolutely App referral program offers a variety of rewards for referring your friends, including $100 worth of free cab rides.

Cabsolutely aggregates multiple cab companies in a single app, so that you can request a cab ride easily and pay for it using your smartphone.

You just tap a button in the Cabsolutely app to request a ride, and they’ll match you with a professional cab driver from one of their cab company partners.

You can track your cab’s route and arrival time in the app, including a picture of your driver and their car, and when you reach your destination, you can pay via your registered credit card in the app, so there’s no need to pay in cash.

Additionally, Cabsolutely offers a referral program that allows you to earn prizes and free rides for referring your friends.

Cabsolutely App Referral Program Details

Anyone can participate in the Cabsolutely Referral Program by simply entering your email address to access your unique referral link.

You do not have to download the app to participate in the referral program and refer your friends.

Once you sign up, you can share your unique referral link to earn a variety of rewards.

  • 7 Referrals = Personalized Easter Egg in the App.
  • 11 Referrals = Cabsolutely T-Shirt.
  • 23 Referrals = $100 Worth of Free Cab Rides.

I’m not positive what the benefit of the personalized Easter Egg would be exactly, and although the Cabsolutely T-Shirt is pretty cool, the $100 in free cab rides is obviously the main prize and the biggest benefit of this referral program.

It doesn’t look like new Cabsolutely users who sign up via a referral link will receive any type of incentive for joining, except for being introduced to the app itself.

The similar Taxi Magic App Referral Program offers both new and current users a free $10 credit, so that’s another option for commuters who frequently take cab rides.

Check out the Cabsolutely app to easily book cab rides on your smartphone, plus refer your friends to earn free rewards and ride credits.

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