Coin Credit Card Management Device $5 Referral Program Bonuses

The Coin credit card management device is offering a $5 referral program bonus when you refer your friends to get a Coin.

Coin is a connected device that acts as a substitute for your debit cards, Credit Cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, and membership cards.

Instead of carrying multiple different cards, you carry just 1 Coin device, so that you can manage multiple accounts and information all in the same place.

You can use a Coin everywhere cards are accepted including dip-style card readers and ATMs.

Each coin costs $100, but you can get 1 for just $50 if you pre-order your Coin today, plus a $5 shipping fee.

Coin Referral Program

When you pre-order your Coin, you will receive a unique referral code URL that you can use to refer your friends.

If someone clicks the referral code link and pre-orders a Coin within 90 days, you will get a $5 credit.

They will honor your referral credits for up to 90 days after you pre-order your Coin.

You can earn up to $50 in referral credits.

Each time that you earn a $5 referral credit, they will send you an email.

Plus, they will issue a $5 refund to the account you used to purchase your Coin.

Please feel free to share your referral link in the comments below if you recently purchased a Coin.

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