GiftHulk Online Rewards Program Offers Free Hulk Coins and Referral Program

The GiftHulk online rewards program allows you to earn Amazon gift cards and other prizes for completing daily online activities like web searches, surveys, and more.

You’ll earn 50 free Hulk Coins when you register for GiftHulk, plus you can refer your friends to receive 20% of everything they earn.

Sign up for GiftHulk to earn free rewards for your online activities today.

GiftHulk Referral Program

Every user that signs up to GiftHulk using your referral link will be listed as your referral.

You will get 20% of all the Hulk Coins that your referrals earn using the Offer Walls, EZ Coins, Tasks, and Surveys.

You’ll also get 20% of all of your referrals’ wins at GiftHulk Search&Win and Treasure Box.

Every active referral (that earns a total of over 50 Hulk Coins) will get you an additional permanent Treasure Key that you can use to win various prizes at the Treasure Box.

There are no limits to how many referrals you may have or how many Hulk Coins you may earn.

Earning Hulk Coins

Hulk Coins are the currency of GiftHulk, and there are plenty of ways to earn them.

Similar to the Swag Bucks Search Program, you have a chance to receive bonus Hulk Coins when you perform Internet searches.

You can earn Hulk Coins for completing surveys as well.

GiftHulk also has an interesting array of activities that allow you to earn extra coins such as the Treasure Box that can be unlocked when you earn Keys for completing certain actions.

EZ Coins is another easy way to earn Hulk Coins by clicking through to advertiser websites and completing simple activities.

GiftHulk Rewards and Prizes

There are tons of prizes available that you can redeem with your Hulk Coins.

Gas station $25 gift cards from Exxon Mobile, Shell, Chevron, and Texaco are available for 2,999 Hulk Coins.

You can get $25 gift cards for Walmart, Target, The Home Depot, Whole Foods, and more for 2,699 Hulk Coins.

Amazon gift certificates are also available starting at $5 for only 439 Hulk Coins.

If you spend your days searching the Internet and participating in web activities, sign up for the GiftHulk program to earn free online rewards.

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